August OMG: Scrap Happy!

I love string quilts, and scrap quilts.  Love making them, love seeing other people’s efforts.  So when I was going through my UFOs for possible projects for August’s OMG, looking for something simple, and came across a few kaleidoscope scrap blocks which I had started over two years ago, bingo!

(It will also fit the bill nicely as a community quilt, so that’s another box ticked off.  And my quilting club, Christchurch Quilters, are happy to supply batting to its members for community quilts, so that’s another bonus … I’m on a roll, here!:) )

So my OMG challenge for this month is to take these:

DSCF0160 cropped

Make them up into as many of these as I think I’ll need for a single bed-size quilt:

DSCF0164 cropped

DSCF0162 cropped

And then sew them into a flimsy somewhat resembling this:

DSCF0151 cropped

Nope, wait a minute.  That kaleidoscope layout doesn’t really grab me – what about something like this instead …

DSCF0153 cropped

Yup, the diamond variation wins!

OMG button

I’ll be linking up with the August Goal Setting party at Red Letter Quilts here – there’s a great variety of projects this month, you should take a look!





Another July finish

July certainly was a productive month for me:  not only did I get my OMG project completed, and my Quilty 365 circles up to date, but I also managed to finish off this small quilt during the month as well:


The front …



… and the back

It’s a Martingale pattern by Kim Brackett, called “Kitchen Sink Quilt” (love the title), and it allowed me to use up some of my lovely batik scraps:)  (In fact, all of the fabric came from my stash, which added to my feeling of achievement!)  It’s lap-size, so it was easy enough for me just to do simple straight line quilting either side of each block.

And now it’s time to ponder what I should choose for my August OMG project …

Quilty 365: Day 213

Unlike June, when I didn’t get a single circle made, July has ended with the full complement done for the month, bringing me up to 213 circles so far.  213!!  I’m actually quite surprised that I’ve made it this far:)  But I have, and I’m still enjoying the challenge.

Here’s a photo of July’s efforts:

DSCF0140 cropped

(The two interlocking circles (which I slightly reshaped as hearts) on the last square for the month are in memory of my lovely wedding day forty years ago today (31 July), when Bryan and I got married at home in my parents’ garden, in Zimbabwe.  He was one special man and I still miss him very much:) )

Not only did I complete all the circles for July, but I was very diligent and also cut enough squares and circles for at least another month (possibly even two), so there’ll be no excuse for me missing the deadline!

Quilty 365  I’ll be joining Audrey’s link-up party at Quilty 365 just as soon as she’s ready for us:)





Quilt Inspector declares July OMG done!

Henry Lee inspected my July OMG project this morning, and declared it finished:  woohoo!:)

DSCF0133 cropped


After failing to get it completed as my June project, I knew I had to get it done in July … given that it’s a present for a dear friend who celebrates her 92nd birthday in early August, I really couldn’t procrastinate any longer!

I’ve backed it with a pale fawn fleecy-type fabric, which makes it lovely and cuddly, and just tied it (I’ve tried quilting with a fleece backing before and it was a total disaster, so I didn’t want to go there again).

So, all I have to do now is put a label on it, and then get it packed up and posted to Invercargill:  sweet!:)

Linking up with the OMG “It’s Finished!” party at Red Letter Quilts here.

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The sequel.

Or Take 2.  Or Plan C.  Or Epilogue.  Or whatever you want to call it …

You may recall this fabric:


Which I posted about here yesterday, recounting the difficulties I was having with using it for my Plan A project, which was an OBW.  When that didn’t work, Plan B was a 4-patch instead.  Well, we’re now up to Plan C, and I think (hope) this one is going to work.

I was still keen to achieve a sort of kaleidoscope / repeat pattern effect if I could, so I decided to use some 5″ batik charm squares I had on hand, combine these with the original fabric in half-square triangles, and then see what I could come up with.  Here’s what I had designed by earlier this afternoon:

DSCF0120 cropped

OK, so it’s not the whizz bang OBW I originally planned, but on the whole, I’m actually quite pleased with my retrieval of this project.

(I really wanted to punish that fabric, you know, for being such an awkward, reluctant, misbehaving, unco-operative child – I just wanted to stamp on it and cut it all up into lots of little bits and throw it in the fire and say, “There now, see what you made me do?!  It’s all your fault!”  …  Thank goodness I resisted that temptation!:) )

It’ll probably end up a smaller quilt than I originally planned, due mainly to the fact that I’ve used up all the batik squares I had (managed to get another two rows done to add to the three in the photo, so it’s currently five rows of four blocks).  I’ll add a border or two, possibly even using some of the original fabric as one of the borders; but as a rescue job, it’s not too shabby, yes?  (This jury here thinks so, anyway.)

As the saying goes, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.   Cheers!  :)





The build up. And the let down.

Don’t you just hate it when you get all excited about a quilting project, and then things don’t pan out the way you thought they could / would / should?  I’ve just gone through that:  the build up, the let down … the vision, the reality … *sigh*😦

Step 1:  It all started with this fabric.


Bright.  Cheerful.  Full of intriguing possibilities.  I hummed and hahed for a whole two days before I succumbed and took home four metres of it.

Step 2:  Ran it through the online OBW (One Block Wonder) Design Helper and got even more excited about it.  (Excuse the washed out colours, this is a scan of a print out.)

OBW design 2017-07-09

Look at all those wondrous hexagons!  Oh, this IS going to be fun!:)

Step 3:  Put aside current project (July OMG – only have the binding to finish off now, so fairly safe bet that I will still be able to get it finished before the end of the month).

Step 4:  Lay out new fabric (stroke, pet, admire).  Work out pattern repeat on fabric, work out where to cut strips, cut first six strips, layer one on top of the other, start to pin together in order to cut six-layered triangles for hexagon construction.  Hmmm.  Pattern repeat seems to be a smidgin off in a couple of strips.  Coax gently persuade force fabric to line up.  Nope.  Not gonna work. Wonder why … wait a minute – how come these two strips aren’t the same width from selvage to selvage???

DSCF0115 cropped   DSCF0111 cropped

What the ….???? *sigh*  No wonder I’m having trouble lining up the design repeat!!

Step 5:  Put the kettle on for a cuppa, I need some time out.

Step 6:  Decide to put aside the idea of using the fabric for an OBW.  Think about alternatives.

Step 7:  Plan B.  What about … a 4-patch??

Step 8:  Layer four strips together – seems to line up better than six strips – start cutting squares for 4-patch blocks.   Hmmmmmm (again).   Design does not appear to have been printed consistently throughout fabric.  If I cut on lines of design, blocks differ in width from one selvage to the other.  If I cut blocks the same width from selvage to selvage, design lines are not straight.  *sigh* 

Step 9:  Put the kettle on for another cuppa, I need more time out.

Step 10:  The jury’s still out on this one.  I’ll get back to you when the verdict’s in.





July OMG: Groundhog Day …

OMG buttonI scored 0 out of 10 for my June OMG project, not even getting close to getting it finished; so, at the risk of being boring, I’m going to try again:)

This is a single bed quilt for my soon-to-be 92-year-old friend who lives in Invercargill – it’s her birthday in August, and I think perhaps the fact that I thought at the beginning of June I had plenty of time to finish it before August is what held me back … or maybe it was just that I allowed other projects to distract me!  I finished tieing it last night, and now just have the trimming and binding left to do.  I’ve used micro-fleece for the backing, so it feels nice and cuddly:)

DSCF0104 cropped

I’ll be linking up with Heidi at Red Letter Quilts here – here’s hoping Take 2 is more successful than Take 1 was:)