Quilty 365 – Week 3

Quilty 365

Another week into the Quilty 365 project and so far, so good 🙂
I have to confess to changing my MO slightly, now that work is interfering with my quilting schedule (tch!), and I now tend to make three or four blocks on the weekend, just to get a little bit ahead, and then the remaining blocks between then and the end of the week – it’s working well for me doing it this way.


Here are this week’s creations:

Day 15 incorporates scraps from previous and current projects; Day 16’s circle is one of my flower photos manipulated in the Kaleidoscope Kreator software programme and then printed onto fabric here at home; Day 17 uses some scrap curtaining fabric for the background; and Day 18’s circle is from last year’s surface design workshop.  Day 19’s circle is fabric from last year’s OBW, on background fabric created at the surface design workshop; Day 20’s circle is from a beautiful piece of butterfly fabric which I’ve had for years and am reluctant to use because it IS so beautiful (how daft is that?!); and Day 21’s background is also fabric I’ve had for many years but which I actually don’t like, and tend to hide away at the bottom of the scraps box 🙂

And here’s a photo of all three weeks so far – it’s fun seeing them all together!


Yesterday I also managed to finish off my OMG:  One Monthly Goal project, but I’ll hold off on photos of that until the link-up at the end of the month.  I need to put some thought now into what to choose for my February project … shall I start a new project, or shall I be good and delve into the UFO/WIPs collection … decisions, decisions! 🙂

DSCF9246We had a very warm summer’s day yesterday, after several days of rain (which we needed) earlier in the week.  Just out of curiosity, I put my little desktop weather station/clock/alarm outside in the sun just before 4pm, and after about 10 minutes it had shot up from the indoors temperature of 25°C, to 45°C outside!  I had it sitting on the edge of a plant tub about eight inches above the ground, so I guess it was picking up some reflected heat from that, but still, 45°C??!!  Warm enough for me to be very glad I was able to work inside (in the relative cool with the fan going) – and even nod off in the La-Z-Boy for a spell, too … 🙂

I enjoyed watching the NZ Black Caps take out the third T20 cricket match against Pakistan yesterday evening, giving us a 2-1 series win; and am looking forward to the three ODI matches against them which follow over the next week or so.  After that it’s time to take on our old trans-Tasman foes, Australia, in three ODIs and two tests, at the end of which our inspirational captain, Brendon McCullum, will retire from international cricket 😦  (Although I think he has one final contract to play in the Indian Premier League cricket, but that’s playing for one of the participating teams, and not for New Zealand.)  I think he’s been a fantastic captain and role model, and it’s sad to think we won’t have the pleasure of watching his entertaining style of play after the series against Australia.

I’ve also been enjoying watching the Australian Tennis Open, on in Melbourne at present – my favourite player is Roger Federer, who’s going well so far, along with Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.  I’m also keeping an eye on Kei Nishikori, John Isner and Jo-Wilfrid Tsonga, but have to say I have no time at all for the young Australian player, Nick Kyrgios, and was delighted to see him beaten last night by a very cool, calm and collected Tomas Berdych – just what was needed!  There aren’t many of the female tennis players who impress me – can’t stand the screamers like Sharapova, and don’t have much time for Serena Williams, although I admire what she has achieved over the years; I am enjoying watching Madison Keys (USA) and Shuai Zhang (China), but other than that there’s not really anyone else.

Settling back into work has been hard after my wonderful 17-day break over Christmas and New Year – I keep thinking of all the lovely quilting I could be doing at home instead!  Just have to keep in mind that come the end of September, my days will at last be my own to spend however I wish … 🙂 🙂

Hope your year is going well so far!

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