I spent an evening with André …

… André Rieu, that is! 🙂


As an additional birthday/retirement gift, my wonderful little sister shouted me to my first André Rieu concert on Tuesday evening, and what a fabulous evening it was!  I’ve never seen any of his concerts on TV or DVD, so it was a totally new experience for me, and I just loved everything – the humour and laughter, wonderful music and singing, couples waltzing in the aisles, Andre’s hilarious facial expressions and eyebrow movements, stunning background photos which changed to match the music, hundreds of balloons dropping from the ceiling towards the end of the show … oh, it was just lovely!

(Thanks to Little Sister also for the photos!)

What also impressed me was that, not only was the audience having a good time, but André and his orchestra were obviously enjoying themselves as well – and when you’re doing 100 concerts a year and travelling all over the world to do so, that must take some doing!

So, if you’re fond of classical music and live performances, and you’ve not been to an André Rieu concert, I highly recommend that you take the opportunity if it comes your way, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

A few years ago I posted about the adventures of Shirley de Cat, a little toy cat who became part of the team at one of my work locations, and got to travel with some of us to various exotic locations, eg, China, Italy, Stonehenge, Canterbury Cathedral, Wellington (OK, maybe Wellington’s not quite as exotic as China, I’ll grant you that …).  I was quite delighted when Shirley was given to me (along with another toy) as one of my retirement gifts when I finished work at the end of September, so I couldn’t resist bringing them both along with me on this holiday 🙂  Here’s Shirley and Friend enjoying a pleasant afternoon out on the patio:


And here’s Shirley de Cat getting to know Shammy de Cat, who’s Feline in Charge of the house here in Brisbane:


My lovely holiday here is nearly at an end, sadly:  I’ve enjoyed a really lazy, relaxing time, with not nearly as much quilting as I thought I might do, but that’s OK – I’ve bought so much fabric that I’ve had to buy a bigger suitcase to fit it all in, so I certainly won’t be lacking supplies (nor motivation) once I get home! 🙂






4 thoughts on “I spent an evening with André …

  1. I am so envious of you at an Andre Rieu concert – can’t believe you hadn’t seen anything before on TV or video. You have a lot to catch up on, and to enjoy!


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