Things that amuse … or not!

Driving to work the other morning and I spotted this number plate on a truck in front of me  – forgive the slight tilt to the photo, I was juggling the camera in one hand and trying to drive with the other – not recommended! 🙂

Dumpee not Grumpy







And I remembered tonight that I have a few other photos of things that have amused me from time to time, so I thought I’d share them with you …





This is the name of a little Indian restaurant on Riccarton Road in Christchurch – don’t you just love it?!






And how about this one?




Having owned an Uno in the past, and being a bit of a Fiat fan, I thought this was very clever!





And finally, one which amused but also raised my spelling hackles:



Hmmm, maybe one should tell the Salvation Army that bricks don’t really go with bracs!






What makes you smile – or raises your hackles?

Day 1: Let the Journey Begin!

 Day 1 of my brand new, just created blog:  scarey stuff!! 🙂

Looking forward to sharing a few things along the way – photographs, thoughts, opinions, books, the absurdities of everyday life, whatever takes my fancy on the day.  Always happy to hear your thoughts and responses – let’s get a conversation going!

Mid-way through the week, and as well as that, here we are almost at the end of February already – how did that happen??!  Summer here in New Zealand has been fantastic this year:  warm, sunny days, filled with a whole heap of sunshine and those lovely long evenings which daylight saving gives us (I just LOVE daylight saving!).  Autumn, however, is starting to muscle in slowly, reminding us of her coming presence with a slight nip in the air on waking, a few early morning mists, and the leaves changing colour on the trees … *sigh*  I don’t think I’m quite ready to let go of summer just yet …

Mother's Little Helper!Henry Lee, bless him, likes to be close at hand no matter what I'm doing at the time!

Mother’s Little Helper!
Henry Lee, bless him, likes to be close at hand no matter what I’m doing at the time!

Not quite the last rose of summer ...