The myth of scrap quilting …

I have a theory about scrap quilting. 

All the books I’ve read promised me that it would reduce my stash by using up all those little itty-bitty pieces of material that aren’t just quite itty-bitty enough to throw away, because how wasteful would that be, throwing away something that could still be used and turned into something creative and beautiful and rewarding and you just shouldn’t do that, because then you are not A Good Person Who Cares About The World …  And I read and absorbed this message and believed in it with a religious fervour, because after all, who doesn’t want to be one of Those Good People.  

So having read and believed, two months ago I set to with vigour and determination and zealousness to use up all those – and you wouldn’t believe just how many all there are in my all those – little itty-bitty scraps that lurk in my sewing area by sewing them together into bigger scraps, and then sewing those bigger scraps together into even bigger scraps, until I had a BIG scrap, big enough for a 6 inch block, which would form part of a scrap quilt, which I would give away to someone else because giving something away is Another Good Thing that People Who Care About The World do.   Salvation was in sight! 🙂

And initially it went very well:  it was fun sewing all the little scraps into bigger scraps, and then the bigger scraps into even bigger scraps, and then carefully cutting out the 6-inch blocks, and I felt creative and resourceful and sustainable and that I was – ever so briefly – one of those Good People Who Care About The World.  My halo shone. 

But then something happened.  Suddenly the itty-bitty scraps I had, for one reason or another, were Not Good Enough.  Not Long Enough.  Not Right Colour.  Not Right Shape.  And so I had to find more material I could use for scraps.  And did I first delve into the crates and crates of material I already had on hand?  Did I first sort through the piles and piles of fabric in my mountain-like stash?  Did I first fossick amongst my suitcases and boxes and drawers of textiles in all colours, shapes and sizes for suitable scraps? 


So my theory about scrap quilting is this.  Scrap quilting simply – quite simply – Begets More Scraps.  It does not reduce my stash.  It does not encourage me to be resourceful and use up what I already have first of all.  It does not make me a Good Person Who Cares About The World.  It makes me a Person Who Cannot Stop Buying Fabric, a Willing Purchaser Of Yet More Material, a Person Who Does Not Recognise When She Has Enough Stuff on Hand to Make Scrap Quilts.  Sad, really, quite sad.  Except for the fabric shops, who love me 🙂

 From this …


… to this …

DSCF5487 cropped

… to these!

DSCF5488 cropped

PS  Sorry about the long-time-no-blog.  Things went slightly mad and bad in my bridge world at the end of March, which threw me off course for a while – getting back into playing is still a work in progress, but in the meantime I have rediscovered my quilting mojo, which is a real pleasure, and have also enjoyed several good books, of which I shall write more in another post.  In the meantime, though, it’s good to be back 🙂