Malvern A&P Show: 23 March 2013

The Malvern A&P Show is held at Sheffield Domain (Sheffield is a small village approximately 50kms west of Christchurch, on SH73 which heads over Arthur’s Pass and on to the West Coast).  In another life I was the secretary for the Southland A&P Association in Invercargill, so I know just how much work goes into the organising of these events, and also how many, many voluntary hours are put in by committee members and others.  With one-day shows such as these the weather can be absolutely crucial:  get a cold, wet day and people stay away, the stock don’t look their best, the stock handlers would rather be anywhere inside having a beer and a yarn to mates, the secretary gets really cranky because everyone keeps asking if it’s going to be called off because of the weather … it’s not pretty, let me tell you!  However, in Malvern’s case this year, they couldn’t have asked for a better day:  sun from dawn ’til dusk, crowds of excited, happy show-goers (and that was just the parents), contented stock, cool-as-cool stock handlers, very excited ice-cream vendors, and (I would imagine) a happy and satisfied president and committee at the completion of the day.

Here’s my attempt to sum it all up in a series of photos.

The Alpacas (who get a section all of their own ‘cos they’re SO cute!!)

DSCF5299 cropped

I’m watching you …

DSCF5295 cropped

Damn paparazzi, a girl can’t get a moment to herself around here!

DSCF5279 cropped

Haircut? Who says I need a haircut??!!

DSCF5278 cropped

Don’t you know that dreadlocks are in, man

DSCF5274 cropped

Ooh! Look at that gorgeous brown creature over there!

DSCF5269 cropped

I’m just going to keep on chewing and pretend I haven’t seen her …


Psst! That pesky photographer’s back again!

DSCF5122 cropped

Is this my best side?

The Kids

Boy in Pukeko suit DSCF5160 cropped DSCF5145 cropped DSCF5212 cropped

Fun Things to Do (if you’re a kid, that is)

DSCF5309 cropped  DSCF5313  DSCF5130  DSCF5140 cropped

Lolly Scramble!!!

DSCF5435 cropped DSCF5434 cropped 

Big and Beefy (and Beautiful!)

DSCF5192 cropped DSCF5190 cropped DSCF5186 DSCF5181

Show Jumping

DSCF5173 cropped  Show jumping 2  Show jumping 1 Show Jumping 3


Homecraft and School Children

Do you see the clever use of vegetables in this ‘floral’ display?

DSCF5438  DSCF5439  DSCF5441  

  DSCF5452 cropped  This one’s specially for you, Jill! 🙂

DSCF5459  Best Dressed Teddy   DSCF5466 cropped  Decorated Eggs

Lawnmower Races

Competitors must build their own machines, although they may use existing lawnmowers as a base, and there must be no blades or cutting mechanisms:  other than that, creativity is the name of the game!  Some had no brakes, nor a reverse gear, and there was even mention of a V8 engine in one of them – how true that was, I’m not sure, but there was some pretty fierce competition out there …

DSCF5321 cropped  DSCF5323 cropped  DSCF5344 cropped

  DSCF5356 cropped  DSCF5354 cropped  DSCF5353 cropped

DSCF5374 cropped DSCF5369 cropped DSCF5375 cropped

Terrier Races

This was a team effort, with two handlers per dog:  the dogs were tantalised first by having a dead and – according to the commentator – very smelly rabbit dragged across in front of them twice, and then raced in front of them down to the other handler who was stationed about 50 metres away.  The second handler then had to pick up their dog and run back to the starting line, so it wasn’t only a test of how fast the dogs were, but also how fast their handlers were too! 🙂

DSCF5416 cropped

All set on the starting line …

DSCF5418 cropped

The rabbit is dragged past once …

DSCF5419 cropped

… and then back again …

DSCF5420 cropped

… and then the race is on!

Dog High Jump

Two separate sections in this, one for small dogs and one for large – although it was pretty amazing how high some of those small dogs could jump!

DSCF5396 cropped

All the way up there? Are you kidding me??!!

DSCF5399 cropped

Four bales high? Yes, we can!

DSCF5406 cropped

Five bales high? Uh-oh – too much for these little legs!

DSCF5408 cropped

Five bales high? Easy-peasy for us big fellas!

DSCF5411 cropped

SIX bales high? Just made it!

The Band

DSCF5260 cropped  DSCF5210 cropped    Pipe Band 5 Pipe Band 4 Pipe Band 3 Pipe Band 1 Pipe Band 6 DSCF5244 cropped  

Interested Spectators

DSCF5248 cropped  DSCF5148 cropped

Where would we be without them?

DSCF5265 cropped 

Kudos to the St John Ambulance volunteers who turn up so willingly at so many events:  thanks, guys!

And finally, The Grand Parade!

Station Horses  Stock and Station Horses

Horses 5  Horses 3 Horses 2   Other Horses

Horses 7 Horses 6 

Miniature Horses (aren’t they cute?!)

Grand Parade - DonkeysDonkeys

Grand Parade - Charolais Grand Parade - Angus

Grand Parade - Angus 2  Grand Parade - Hereford    Cattle

Grand Parade - alpacasAlpacas

Grand parade - Pets Grand Parade - Pets 4 Grand Parade - Pets 3 Grand Parade - Pets 2 

Pet Lambs, Calves, Cows, Sheep and Dogs

And last, but not least – how’s this for a Horse Transporter Extraordinaire??!

Horse Transporter

Ah, yes, all the fun of a rural show – happy days!!

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