November OMG

I posted here a few days ago about this project, which I started early on this year and which had been sitting in my WIPs since March – you may recall my discovery of a mistake I had made in the alignment of the blocks in the third row, which I just couldn’t let go … just couldn’t.

I’m happy to say that I have now fixed the error, chosen suitable fabric and constructed a backing, and it’s now sandwiched, pinned, and awaiting quilting, so today I decided it would be my November OMG 🙂

At this stage I think I’ll bind it with the same fabric as the strip I’ve inserted on the back, but we’ll see how it looks once I’ve done the quilting.  Of course, in order to do the quilting, I first have to decide what sort of quilting … so this may or may not be a completed project by the end of the month! 🙂

esq-omg-buttonThe OMG link-ups are being run by Elm Street Quilts for the rest of this year, so I’ll be linking up with them here. Once again there is a wonderful variety of projects there for you to have a look at 🙂


Why is it …

… that quilting mistakes sometimes slip under the radar, and don’t present themselves until you’re well down the track with a project, and correcting the mistake then requires a whole lot of unpicking, re-arranging and re-sewing?!!! 😦

Take this project for example, which I got to the flimsy stage at the end of March this year, and then became tired of and put it away while I moved on to something else:

Finally, it's a Flimsy!

Finally, it’s a Flimsy!

I was sorting through my WIPs and UFOs yesterday, looking for something to work on as my November OMG, and decided to finish this one off so I can add it to the donations pile at the December Christchurch Quilters’ meeting.

I spread it out on the bed, ready to audition backing and binding fabrics, and … WHAM!!! That’s when it hit me.

See the third row down?  See how the blocks are all oriented the same way as rows 2 and 4?  And see how the rest of the rows (1, 5, 6 and 7) are NOT all oriented the same way, but alternate from row to row???  *sigh*

So before I think about backing and binding, I now need to go back and unpick the side seams, unpick row 3 from rows 2 and 4, rearrange the blocks so they alternate correctly, and sew it all together again.  By which time I may well be bored with it all over again …

This may or may not end up as my November OMG project.  Some other brighter, more attractive, appealing project may well muscle its way into reckoning before then … all that lovely new fabric I’ve recently acquired is pretty tempting! 🙂





Pleasingly productive

September sure was a good month for me project-wise:  not only did I finish off my OMG project on time, but I also managed to complete another two projects as well 🙂

The first one was a set of four little mug rugs for some of my work colleagues, to say thanks for all their support during my time at Christchurch City Council (I retired yesterday, after 19 years of service – I’ll post about that in a couple of days).

I had one made-up DNP block left over from my OMG project, so I unpicked it to give me four quarter blocks to use as starters for the mug rugs; added a strip of different fabric to each; slapped on some batting and a suitable backing (different for each to give that individual look); did a little bit of FMQ (again, different for each) to decorate; and finally bound each of them with a different strip leftover from a jelly roll used in another project.  (Good use of just a little more of my stash 🙂 )

Here’s how they looked from the front:


and the back:


It took me a couple of days to complete them, which I thought wasn’t too bad, given that I kept being distracted by the rugby and cricket on TV … nothing like a cry of, “Bowled ‘im!!” or “Yes!! He’s over the line and that’s a great try!” to pull my attention away from the sewing machine! 🙂

The other project which I managed to complete was my August OMG:  that lovely strip triangles quilt which I had initially intended to be a donation, but then fell in love with and decided I couldn’t let it go (not just yet, anyway … 🙂 ) – here’s how that turned out:






Love it when everything goes well with planned (and unplanned) projects:  I feel a distinct glow of satisfaction … 🙂


September OMG: done!

OMG buttonI really enjoyed working on my September project:  the fabrics I used were colours that I love, and I also enjoy making DNP (disappearing nine-patch) quilts, they’re quick and easy and offer so many different ways of putting them together – I sometimes find the hardest bit of all is deciding just how to turn the blocks once I’ve cut them 🙂

The only disappointing thing about this project was that after I posted about it here at the beginning of the month (when Heidi’s link to the OMG goal-setting wasn’t quite ready), I totally forgot to link up once it was available (duh!).  No matter, I still got the quilt done and ready in time, so that’s the important bit 🙂




Simple straight line quilting – perhaps I could have done a little bit more of that, but in the interests of getting it completed on time I took the ‘less is more’ route 🙂  I do love the rich colours (look at that backing fabric, doesn’t it just glow?) – those autumn shades sure do sing to me!

So even though I didn’t link up at the beginning of the month, I will do so at the end (once Heidi has the link available) 🙂


One thing leads to another …

Bitterly cold weather on Friday and Saturday has meant some quality quilting time indoors, which in turn means good progress on my September OMG project – here’s a photo I took yesterday:


I decided late yesterday afternoon that I needed one more row of blocks, so I made those, added them on, and then auditioned the backing material I had in mind (yup, looks good), and the binding (ditto).  This morning I started assembling the quilt sandwich, which I always find the most tedious (and my least favourite) part of making a quilt.

“Take a break”, my inner self urged.  So I did.  Grabbed a cuppa and plonked myself down at the computer to have a look at some quilting blogs – and that’s when Distraction Struck.

I came across a post from a blogger who was making a convergence quilt (Ricky Timms is a master at these), with brief details on how she was doing it.  I’ve always been keen to have a go at this technique, so you know what I did, don’t you?  Uh-huh.  I immediately abandoned the OMG, grabbed four small squares of fabric, and proceeded to waste creatively spend the next hour (plus …) making this:


It’s kinda cute, don’t you think?  My original squares were only 4.5″, so I could only cut three different width rows (1″, 1.5″, and 2″), but I reckon it was time well spent in that it showed me (a) I could do it; (b) I need more practice at fiddly sewing and matching seams (definitely room for improvement there!); and (c) I really want to make a bigger one of these 🙂

So, as my post title says, one thing led to another … oh, how easily I can be distracted from the task at hand!

Inner self is now reminding me there’s a quilting sandwich awaiting my attention, and that I’d better get back to it if I want to get the project completed by the end-September deadline – slave driver … (mutter mutter mutter …)




September OMG

Each year, the Christchurch Quilters’ Club seeks contributions from its members of community quilts, which are given to charity organisations for them to distribute as needed.  The club provides free batting for these quilts to its members, so all we need to provide is the fabric and our time to make up as many quilts as we can.  Initially I had intended my August OMG project would be one of these community quilts, but then I fell in love with it and changed my mind, deciding instead to keep it 🙂  Which meant that I needed to come up with something to replace it!

So, while I will still be working to finish off my August project, I have chosen to make a new, quick, simple, scrappy (sort of) Disappearing Nine Patch quilt as my September OMG project.  A quick fossick through my stash found a number of smaller amounts of fabric which I thought would make a nice cheerful quilt, so I set to cutting out and sewing together my nine-patch blocks:

DSCF0248 cropped

Some of this fabric has been around for yonks.  See that orange stuff with the birds and flowers on it?  That’s been skulking undisturbed in my stash for so long it’s almost fossilized, so it’s high time it was liberated to make a more meaningful contribution to the world 🙂

So, my aim for September is to get this quilt completely finished off (the quilts must be ready by our next meeting early in October, but since I’m going away for three weeks right at the beginning of that month, I need to get it done before I leave:  no pressure … 🙂 )

OMG buttonI’ll be linking up with Heidi’s Goal Setting party at Red Letter Quilts just as soon as it’s available 🙂


August OMG: Lookin’ good!

At the beginning of the month I selected this project as my OMG for August, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to achieve above and beyond my target:  woohoo! 🙂

Not only did I get it to the flimsy stage as planned, but I also managed to get it backed and basted, and it’s now ready for quilting.  Here it is hung up on the washing line for this morning’s photo shoot (had to hang it sideways ‘cos it would have dragged on the wet grass if I hadn’t … it’s single bed size).

DSCF0200 cropped

The front …

DSCF0203 cropped

… and the back

Had a little bit of a stutter last weekend when I realised that I didn’t have the thread I wanted for quilting, but a quick purchase during the week solved that 🙂  I’m just going to do some simple wavy line quilting, nowt fancy stuff, and I’ve got a nice darkish green fabric in mind for the binding.

This was going to be a donation quilt, but when I saw it laid out on the bed it made me smile so much I think I might change my mind 🙂  Although I do have more than enough strips already cut to make another one, so who knows … there may be an addition to my Project List!

OMG buttonLinking up with Heidi’s “It’s Finished!” party at Red Letter Quilts here – I really enjoy checking out what everyone’s been doing in the month.


August OMG: Scrap Happy!

I love string quilts, and scrap quilts.  Love making them, love seeing other people’s efforts.  So when I was going through my UFOs for possible projects for August’s OMG, looking for something simple, and came across a few kaleidoscope scrap blocks which I had started over two years ago, bingo!

(It will also fit the bill nicely as a community quilt, so that’s another box ticked off.  And my quilting club, Christchurch Quilters, are happy to supply batting to its members for community quilts, so that’s another bonus … I’m on a roll, here! 🙂 )

So my OMG challenge for this month is to take these:

DSCF0160 cropped

Make them up into as many of these as I think I’ll need for a single bed-size quilt:

DSCF0164 cropped

DSCF0162 cropped

And then sew them into a flimsy somewhat resembling this:

DSCF0151 cropped

Nope, wait a minute.  That kaleidoscope layout doesn’t really grab me – what about something like this instead …

DSCF0153 cropped

Yup, the diamond variation wins!

OMG button

I’ll be linking up with the August Goal Setting party at Red Letter Quilts here – there’s a great variety of projects this month, you should take a look!





Quilt Inspector declares July OMG done!

Henry Lee inspected my July OMG project this morning, and declared it finished:  woohoo! 🙂

DSCF0133 cropped


After failing to get it completed as my June project, I knew I had to get it done in July … given that it’s a present for a dear friend who celebrates her 92nd birthday in early August, I really couldn’t procrastinate any longer!

I’ve backed it with a pale fawn fleecy-type fabric, which makes it lovely and cuddly, and just tied it (I’ve tried quilting with a fleece backing before and it was a total disaster, so I didn’t want to go there again).

So, all I have to do now is put a label on it, and then get it packed up and posted to Invercargill:  sweet! 🙂

Linking up with the OMG “It’s Finished!” party at Red Letter Quilts here.

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July OMG: Groundhog Day …

OMG buttonI scored 0 out of 10 for my June OMG project, not even getting close to getting it finished; so, at the risk of being boring, I’m going to try again 🙂

This is a single bed quilt for my soon-to-be 92-year-old friend who lives in Invercargill – it’s her birthday in August, and I think perhaps the fact that I thought at the beginning of June I had plenty of time to finish it before August is what held me back … or maybe it was just that I allowed other projects to distract me!  I finished tieing it last night, and now just have the trimming and binding left to do.  I’ve used micro-fleece for the backing, so it feels nice and cuddly 🙂

DSCF0104 cropped

I’ll be linking up with Heidi at Red Letter Quilts here – here’s hoping Take 2 is more successful than Take 1 was 🙂