Here, chooky chooky …

Despite the reservations I had before last night’s adventure – the thought of painting in front of a whole lot of other people made me very nervous, I have to say – and then when we got there and found that the whole front of the studio was glass, so we would be in full view of the street, well, that caused me a whole lot more consternation:  however, despite all that, I have to say we had a really fun evening, and the Cork & Chroma concept gets a big tick from both of us! 🙂

Let me set the scene for you.    Firstly, a photo of the Creative Process (according to Cork & Chroma):


Next, a shot of our protective garb for the evening 🙂


Suitably garbed, I demonstrate the picture I’m hoping to emulate 🙂


So far, so good, right?  Yup 🙂

All together I think there were about 14 of us, mainly women with only 2 or 3 fellas, ranging in age from … hmm, 70+ to mid-20s, perhaps?  For many it was their first time, while others were returning for the umpteenth time.  Amongst those there, we had someone celebrating a birthday; someone celebrating a marriage; and someone celebrating a house purchase, so lots of reasons for celebration!

Our tutor was Georgina or “G”, and she soon had us relaxed and off and running.  Instructions were given for each step of the process, and then it was our turn for action, with music that soon had us singing along and sloshing on paint with gay abandon … OK, maybe that was only me.  The sloshing of paint, I mean.  I swear there were definitely others singing.

Three hours simply flew by, and before you could say “Jiminy Cricket”, it was time to add the final brush strokes, sign our work, and then gather for a group photo.  Which unfortunately I can’t show you, because G took it, and we forgot to ask her to take one for us 😦

So, are you ready for the big reveal?  Are you sure you really want to see it?  (Am I sure I really want to show you????!)  O – kay … here is my rooster!


I’m a little perplexed by the almost human facial features he ended up with …  No chook I’ve ever seen has looked even remotely human, so I obviously need to work on that! 🙂  (Along with many other things …)

And if Little Sister has anything to do with it, it’ll be same time, same place, same Bat Channel next week, when the picture for the night is this one:


Awww, how can I resist??!! 🙂

PS  Forgot to show you this – my sister has suggested that this fabric would be an appropriate choice for one of my Quilty 365 circles to commemorate our little foray into the ‘art’ world tonight:  I couldn’t agree more! 🙂



Festitalia Italian Festival, Brisbane, 7 October 2016

On Sunday we went to have a look at Festitalia, an Italian Festival held this year at Spencer Park in Brisbane, which “celebrates the richness of the Italian culture in its entirety, from the spirit and passion of its people to the romance of its language, its inimitable fashion, the radiance of its arts to the luscious wines and regional dishes acclaimed the world over” (visit for more info).

From the wonderful cars (Lambourghini, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat) to the lovely food stalls (woodfired pizza, calamari, lasagna, cannoli, gelato); from the beautiful Venetian face masks to the tarantella dancers and Italian flag throwers; from the cooking demonstrations to the wine appreciation sessions, it was a great chance to experience and appreciate just a little of what Italy has to offer.  (My brother-in-law is Italian, so we were in good hands for the day 🙂 )

The flag throwers were spectacular with their colourful costumes and huge flags, which they tossed and (mostly!) caught with ease – have a look at these action shots:

I was particularly impressed with this young man, who managed to juggle THREE of the huge flags, throwing them up and catching them with each hand and one leg or the other with equal dexterity:  pretty amazing!


(Trying to actually capture shots of throwers with flags in the air – I always seemed to be too early or too late – has given me new respect for the likes of sports photographers who get those amazing action shots! 🙂 )

Tonight my sister and I are off to something just a little different … her daughter gave her a voucher for a “Cork and Chroma” night, so we’re off to work on our creativity!  Here’s a picture of what we’re supposed to be painting (from scratch) tonight:


Given that on a scale of 1 to 10, I’ve always rated my drawing and painting skills at about -5, you may or may not get to see the result of my endeavours … 🙂