Things that amuse … or not!

Driving to work the other morning and I spotted this number plate on a truck in front of me  – forgive the slight tilt to the photo, I was juggling the camera in one hand and trying to drive with the other – not recommended! 🙂

Dumpee not Grumpy







And I remembered tonight that I have a few other photos of things that have amused me from time to time, so I thought I’d share them with you …





This is the name of a little Indian restaurant on Riccarton Road in Christchurch – don’t you just love it?!






And how about this one?




Having owned an Uno in the past, and being a bit of a Fiat fan, I thought this was very clever!





And finally, one which amused but also raised my spelling hackles:



Hmmm, maybe one should tell the Salvation Army that bricks don’t really go with bracs!






What makes you smile – or raises your hackles?

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