And now for something completely different …

Do you listen to the radio very much?  In my drive to and from work each day I listen to Radio New Zealand’s National Programme, which is a non-commercial station, and love the afternoon programme they run from late December to mid-January, when a lot of people are on holiday and ‘normal programming’ is sort of suspended.  It’s called ‘Matinee Idle’ and the hosts are Phil O’Brien and Simon Morris, with Production Assistant Kelle Howson.  Phil and Simon are an irreverent twosome who excel in quick repartee and the ability to find quirky, off the wall numbers to entertain and amuse.  On New Year’s Eve they played a little gem called ‘Bulbous Bouffant’, by The Vestibules (, which is actually a video about three guys waiting for the bus, made by a chap called Spencer Parks in 2006 as part of his independent study at the University of Iowa.  I love the concept of taking a whole lot of slightly unusual sounding words (eg macadamia, gazebo, bouffant, blubber, etc) and weaving them together into a sort of chant – it reminded me so much of The Muppet Show, with the same sort of humour:  great stuff!

Had some time tonight after work and before bridge to take a walk in the Botanic Gardens with the camera – it was a beautiful evening, although the wind made it a little tricky for photos.  I have no idea what some of the plants/trees are (I should be more diligent and note down all the relevant botanical information for you, shouldn’t I … nah, that’s too much like work!), but here’s a selection of shots for you:

No time for Zentangling today – I’m almost suffering withdrawal symptoms! 🙂 I did, however, get the chance to discuss it with one of the librarians at Fendalton Library today, as she was practising in the tea room at lunchtime when I in there – like me, she has only recently discovered it, and is enjoying the creative and therapeutic aspects. I shall have to do double homework tomorrow to make up for missing today 🙂

Bridge tonight was fun – good to be getting back into it, although my brain seems to have forgotten a few things over the short break! Always love the challenge of the game, though, and the opportunity to play against better players and to learn from them.

And with that, I’ll bid you all a good night, and we’ll catch you again tomorrow – take care.

Zentangle No. 10

Just a quick post tonight, as it’s nearly midnight and this girl has to get up for work tomorrow morning! 😦

Today’s Zentangle for you, plus a couple of photos I took in the late evening sun today, one of the sunlight highlighting the edges of the comfrey in my garden (look how hairy those leaves are!), and the other giving a nice bit of sunflare – I can use the second one in the 52 in 2014 challenge – No. 26, Sunflare.   I’m quite pleased with the angle in the sunflare one, it almost makes it look as if we’re in the midst of a forest 🙂

Zentangle 10 2014-01-05


DSCF3313 corrected

That’s all for now, folks – catch you again tomorrow.

Zentangle No. 9

A very laid-back Saturday for me: spent most of the day watching the 4th ODI, played in Nelson, which the Black Caps won (on the Duckworth-Lewis system, due to rain interrupting the game at a late stage – I am yet to make any sense of that system, all I know is that the side batting second always seems to come off second best!). I was able to work on my Zentangle practice while I was watching the game, and complete Zentangle No. 9 – here it is:

Zentangle 9 2014-01-04

I also went out with the camera this morning and again this evening after my walk – I’ve sorted out a few topics from the two photo challenges I’ve joined that I reckon I should be able to cover around home – here’s what I found:

DSCF3199 cropped Daisy - 114 in 2014 

These two are for the Daisy topic in each of the challenges – but you guessed that, I’m sure 🙂

DSCF3246 cropped 

This one is for the topic Green, in the 52 in 2014 challenge – just in case you’re not sure, it’s a head of parsley going to seed – it wasn’t until I looked at the photo on the computer that I noticed the dainty little individual flowers that are just starting to open:  isn’t it pretty?

DSCF3274 cropped 

This one is for Something beginning with P, in the 52 in 2014 challenge – P is for profile, of course 🙂

DSCF3243 DSCF3271 

And these two are just for fun – I could have entered the petunia one under the P topic, but decided not to; and his lordship was enjoying the late evening sun as I was out looking for photos.

Last day of my two-week break tomorrow – how sad!  But it also means that bridge starts again next week, which makes me glad! 🙂

Quiet day at home

Had a very pleasant quiet day at home today:  slept in late, did a bit of sewing, did a bit of reading, took a few photos in the garden, watched the shortened ODI cricket game between the NZ Black Caps and the West Indies (21-over game instead of the usual 50 due to rain in Queenstown where it was played, and we absolutely demolished them – way to go, lads!), went for an hour’s walk this evening, and did some Zentangling. All good relaxing stuff as I head into the last few days of my break 🙂

My latest Zentangle attached, as well as a collage of the garden photos – as you’ll see, I had an assistant keeping an eye on me 🙂

Zentangle 6 2014-01-01

In My Garden Today 2014-01-01

Bath time in the gardens

With it being Tuesday today, once again I had some time between finishing work and my bridge game at 7.30pm, so off to the Botanic Gardens I went (yes, yes, I know, again??!)  But the evenings are so lovely at the moment, and what better place to capture some of that golden evening light?

DSCF5687  DSCF5691

  DSCF5852  DSCF5841

  DSCF5831  DSCF5833

Making my way back to the car, I spotted a little flurry of avian activity to my left and on moving closer, I discovered it was evening bath time, where water had gathered in the hollow of what appeared to be a tyre rut just to the side of the path:  I guess with rain being virtually non-existent for some days now, any bathing opportunity is to be seized on, no matter how rudimentary the facilities are! 🙂

Bird bath time 1 

Bird bath time 2  Lookout keeping an eye on me …

   Bird bath time 3  Bird bath time 4  Splish, splash, I was havin’ a bath …

   Bird bath time 5  Still keeping an eye on me …

  Bird bath time 6  Woah, it’s getting crowded around here!

Bird bath time 7  Bird bath time 8

Bird bath time 9  Ah, that feels better!

I smiled all the way back to the car! 🙂 🙂

Sunday night and all’s well

It’s been a day of rest for me today – all that walking at the Show yesterday meant I wasn’t very inclined to do much today!

Spent a good portion of the day sorting through all the photos taken yesterday and putting them onto a new page in this blog (Malvern A&P Show:  23 March 2013), which I hope you’ll enjoy looking through – it was a fun day and I don’t think I saw one glum face the whole time I was there, so obviously everyone else was enjoying themselves as well 🙂

Easter weekend coming up in a few days, and I’ve planned ahead and arranged an extra day off on the Tuesday after Easter as well, giving me a 5-day break, during which I’m hoping to get back to some quilting, catch up on some reading, and – providing it’s been delivered, which I’m hoping will be done by Thursday – moving and stacking 18 cubic metres of firewood 🙂  (I feel I might need a few more days R&R by the time I get all that put away under cover!)

EverydayMatters Almost time tonight to feed the cats, make a nice hot chocolate, and head off to bed with a good book – just about to start one called “Everyday Matters”, a memoir by Danny Gregory :

“Danny Gregory and his wife, Patti, were in love.  Their baby, Jack, was ten months old; life was pretty swell.  And then Patti fell under a subway train and was paralyzed from the waist down.  In a world where nothing seemed to have much meaning, Danny decided to teach himself to draw, and what he learned stunned him.  Suddenly things had colour again, and value.  The results is Everyday Matters, his journal of discovery, recovery, and daily life in New York City.  It is as funny, insightful, and surprising as life itself.”

The interesting thing about this book is that it appears to be presented almost in comic form, ie with lots of drawings and sort of hand-written text – could be a bit of a challenge for me to adjust to that, but it’s only a slim volume, so I’m sure I can cope 😉

What’s on your reading list at present?