Yay, it’s Friday!!

Thank goodness!  Friday just couldn’t get here quickly enough for me this week – let’s just say it’s been a frustrating last few days …  However, I’ve made it safely through to today and now the weekend lies ahead, with time to relax and reflect and recharge 🙂

Common Ground 2

Common Ground community cafe

Attended the opening today of a new community cafe for women (although there were plenty of men on hand at the opening as well), run by Riccarton Baptist Church and aimed at women who are socially isolated for whatever reason – perhaps they’re new migrants or refugees, women on their own at home with young children, or perhaps elderly and living alone – providing an opportunity for them to meet others in the local community and help them feel more connected and settled.  There was a real buzz in the room and it was great to see so many coming along to join in on the first day.  Riccarton has quite a diverse ethnic mix in its population, with a considerable number of non-English speaking residents for whom the language barrier can make it a struggle to get to know others, so it’s great to see a project such as this getting under way.  I loved the gumboot floral displays and welcome sign at the door  – each table also had a child’s gumboot on it, planted with a pansy or similar small flower – they looked so cool!

I have the second part of my digital camera course tomorrow afternoon, when we’re going to be looking at editing and manipulating our photos with programmes such as Gimp and Photoshop, so I’m looking forward to that.  I’ll probably take the opportunity while I’m out and about to check out a few more of the Gap Filler projects in the city – and I’m also going to sort out some books to take down to the Littlest Library in the World that I posted about a few days ago:  I walked past it again earlier this week and noticed that there were some new books there, but didn’t have time to stop and look (what’s the betting they’ll have taken that Cat’s Eye book I had my eye on … 😉 ).

NZ fantail

New Zealand fantail

Had a wonderful experience this evening after I got home.  My absolute favourite bird is the New Zealand fantail or pīwakawaka, which is a beautiful, cheeky little bird that flits around you with no apparent fear at getting up close and personal, as happened to me this evening.  They have a very distinctive call (which is reasonably easy to imitate by puckering your lips together, putting your finger in-between your lips and sucking in lightly, sort of like a kissing sound), so when I heard one outside I grabbed the camera and shot out onto the verandah.  I could see him (her?  I have no idea how to tell one from t’other!) in the shrubs alongside the creek, and then the next minute it flew over to me and perched about three feet away from me on the clematis!  Unfortunately, the light just wasn’t good enough – or else I was shaking so much with excitement – for me to take any worthwhile photos, so I’ve borrowed someone else’s to show you what a delightful little bird they are.  (I had a similar experience about three years ago in the garden here, but that time the bird actually alighted on my outstretched hand not once, but TWICE –  I was quite beside myself with excitement then, I can tell you! 🙂 🙂 )  I really love having them in the garden – I always worry that because they’re so friendly the cats are going to make short work of them, but I’ve never actually seen one being caught:  they do tend to flit about a lot and never settle for more than a few seconds at a time, so maybe that’s their saving grace.

And to finish off today, a few more photos to share with you – these are ones that have been taken in the last couple of years or so, after I bought myself a nice digital camera and got back into taking photos:  still learning all the time, but I like to think I’m improving slowly 🙂

Talk to you again soon – take care now!

DSCF6390  DSCF5215  DSCF5098