Big Squishy Parcels!

I love it when big squishy parcels arrive in my letterbox! ūüôā ¬†I ordered some fabrics (all on special offer) from Hancock’s of Paducah about three weeks ago and have been waiting (and waiting and waiting!) for them to arrive – and today they did! ¬†(Funny how most of my Hancock’s parcels seem to arrive on a Saturday, just in time for the¬†weekend – I’m sure it’s entirely coincidental, but then again, maybe the Fabric Gods have come to an arrangement¬†with NZ Post¬†…? ūüôā )

Would you like to see¬†what was in today’s parcel? ¬†Thought you would … ūüėČ

Firstly, some lovely batik strips and 5″ squares from Tonga Treats¬†(‘cos as you all know, you can never have enough batiks …)

DSCF0168 cropped

And then, some really cute Funny Farm fabric from Timeless Treasures:

DSCF0170 cropped

Followed closely by some beautiful Tie Dye Butterflies (also from Timeless Treasures):

DSCF0173 cropped

And lastly some fun Pointillist Bargellos from Dear Stella Designs, and some Fabulous Navy Stained Glass from Maude Asbury:

DSCF0176 cropped    DSCF0175 cropped

And …¬†(what the heck, I’m in a¬†confessing mood, so why not spill all the beans), here’s¬†some other¬†lovely stuff I picked up in a Spotlight half-price sale about a month ago:

DSCF0178 cropped


Yup, more batik fabric – there was only about 1.3m left of this, so obviously I’m not alone in¬†my love of the stuff, LOL!


A selection of blenders/mixers, whatever you want to call them – the brown fabric in the third photo was an especially good bargain – already marked down to $4/metre, and the half-price sale further reduced it to $2/metre – so I got 5 metres of that ūüôā

DSCF0188 cropped DSCF0181 cropped DSCF0186 cropped DSCF0184 cropped

And finally, some other stuff which either (a) was going at a good price, or (b) I just couldn’t resist …

DSCF0182 cropped    DSCF0180 cropped

So, I can see much stroking and petting of fabric ahead, as I admire them and put them away and take them out again, just for another quick look – you know how it goes, I’m sure … ūüėČ

In my next post I’ll show¬†you what else I’ve been up to apart from much buying of fabric – it’s been another productive month in my quilting world!



Another July finish

July certainly was a productive month for me:  not only did I get my OMG project completed, and my Quilty 365 circles up to date, but I also managed to finish off this small quilt during the month as well:


The front …



… and the back

It’s a Martingale pattern by Kim Brackett, called “Kitchen Sink Quilt”¬†(love the title), and it allowed me to use up some of my lovely batik scraps ūüôā ¬†(In fact, all of the fabric came from my stash, which added to my feeling of achievement!) ¬†It’s lap-size, so it was easy enough for me just to do simple straight line quilting either side of each block.

And now it’s time to ponder what I should choose for my¬†August OMG project …

Quilt Inspector declares July OMG done!

Henry Lee inspected my July OMG project this morning, and declared it finished: ¬†woohoo! ūüôā

DSCF0133 cropped


After failing to get¬†it completed¬†as my¬†June project, I knew I had to get it done in July … given that¬†it’s a present for a dear friend who celebrates her 92nd birthday in early August,¬†I really couldn’t procrastinate any longer!

I’ve backed it with a pale fawn fleecy-type fabric, which makes it lovely and cuddly, and just tied it (I’ve tried quilting with a fleece backing before and it was a total disaster, so I didn’t want to go there again).

So, all I have to do now is put a label on it, and then get it packed up and posted to Invercargill: ¬†sweet! ūüôā

Linking up with the OMG¬†“It’s Finished!” party at Red Letter Quilts here.

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June OMG: New project? Old project?

OMG button

Indecision has struck, big time.  BIG.  TIME.

Should I nominate¬†the new project I just started a couple of days ago … or should I be good and delve into¬†the WIP/UFO bin for a worthy contender for this month’s OMG? ¬†Should I aim¬†to catch up on my 365 circles … or should I just procrastinate and have a clean-up instead?? ¬†*sigh*

Why is it so hard to make a decision some days???! ūüė¶

OK. ¬†Here’s what I did. ¬†I had a clean-up. ¬†And during that clean-up, I¬†found the jelly roll quilt I started a few weeks ago (which I posted about here)¬†for my nearly-92-year-old friend in Invercargill. ¬†And SNAP! ¬†I had my decision. ¬†I had my June OMG project. ¬†Now, what on earth was so hard about that??! ūüôā

DSCF0069 cropped


Here’s to a completed quilt by the end of the month!

(Looking something like this …)






Linking up with Heidi’s linky party at Red Letter Quilts here.



Laying claim to a quilt …

Today I’ve been working on my OMG kitty-cat quilt, making reasonable progress on the big stitching with three of the nine blocks now done. ¬†However, my hands were beginning to ache a little with all the hand sewing, so I put it aside when I finished the third block, and turned my attention to selecting¬†fabric strips (batiks, lovely batiks!) for another project: ¬†a jelly roll quilt for my 92-year-old friend, Granny P, who lives way down south in Invercargill.

And when I returned to my sewing area, guess who had laid claim to, and taken up residence on, the aforementioned kitty-cat quilt?  Yup, Henry Lee!

DSCF0023 cropped

Trying it out for size and comfort …


DSCF0024 cropped

Hmmm … nice big stitching … don’t forget to remove the safety pins when you’re finished …



Possession is nine-tenths of the law – and that’s MY paw on it, so hands off!

LOL, I guess he’s trying to give me the message that he’d like one of his own! ūüôā

So, more about the project¬†for Granny P. ¬†This will actually be the third jelly roll quilt I’ve made for her: ¬†no. 1 was for her 90th birthday in August 2014, after which¬†she requested a second one, which I made and sent to her for her 91st birthday¬†in August¬†2015. ¬†However, due to the second one being a bit of a rushed job before I headed off to Australia for a month, I made it¬†just a two-layer quilt (can you still call a quilt a quilt if it only has two layers???), with the same jelly roll top and fleecy backing as I used for the first one, but no batting in the middle. ¬†SHE WAS NOT AMUSED. ¬†Hence her¬†request for a THIRD¬†quilt, WITH BATTING PLEASE, for her 92nd birthday! ūüôā ¬†(I think I shall try to retrieve quilt no. 2 next time I go down to see her, and see if I can take it apart and insert some batting – anything for a quiet life! ūüôā ūüôā )

Anyway, batik strips have been selected (I actually used some of my Tonga Treats 6″ wide strips and cut two 2.5″ wide strips from 20 different fabrics, to end up with the usual jelly roll set of 40 strips), and I’ve just finished the first step in construction, sewing them all together in one long¬†strip – look at these luscious fabrics!

DSCF0044 cropped

So tonight it’ll be a toss-up between more big stitching, or more jelly rolling ¬†… which would you choose? ūüôā



OMG: January project done!

OMG buttonI actually finished this project last weekend, but hadn’t got round to taking photos of it until today.

I changed my mind about the backing I originally had in mind, and instead used leftover fabric from a hexagon quilt WIP, which then meant I also had to change the binding; but it all came together nicely in the end, and I actually think the second choice backing suits the batiks better. ¬†I just did some very simple diagonal quilting to finish it off, which was¬†relatively painless and doesn’t distract from the beautiful colours of the fabrics. ¬†(I always tend to incline to the side of ‘less is more’ with my quilting anyway, as a personal preference – that and the fact that I don’t have a longarm machine, and am too mean to pay someone to do it for me! ūüôā )

DSCF9319 croppedDSCF9310 cropped











I love making Disappearing Nine Patch quilts – they’re so easy to construct, and yet you can end up with so many varied designs just by changing the way you re-construct the quartered nine-patch blocks. ¬†I have another one from last year finished¬†to the flimsy stage, which I might use¬†as my February OMG project – unless something else waves its hand at me first, which is quite possible ūüôā ¬† Funny how some projects just seem to sneak¬†in under the radar and before you know it, there they are, taking up residence on the sewing table … I’ve been attacked by one of those this weekend! But that can wait for another post; and I’ll also hold off posting a Quilty 365 weekly update, since there are only a few¬†days left in January, and then I can show you the whole month’s work in the linky party in early February.

Other than that my weekend has been spent watching a whole lot of sport on TV (basketball, cricket and tennis – man, there have been some great matches in the Australian Open – don’t often watch the women’s final, but thoroughly enjoyed this year’s epic battle between Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber, and I was chuffed to see Kerber pull it off!); reading; and sleeping (someone seems to have installed an automatic sleep mode in my La-Z-Boy, which makes me nod off whenever I sit down in it … ūüôā )

Hope your weekend has been as productive or lazy as you wanted it to be = sometimes being lazy is just what your body and mind need … that’s my story, anyway!


OMG: One Monthly Goal

OMG buttonThank goodness and three cheers for Red Letter Quilts, who has stepped up with an alternative to A Lovely Year of Finishes – it’s called OMG: ¬†One Monthly Goal ūüôā

And I’m ready, willing and able to commit to my January OMG, which is to¬†take¬†this batik Disappearing Nine Patch (sort of similar to this¬†one which was my¬†November ALYoF) from its present flimsy stage to a fully completed quilt by the end of the month. ¬†I have the backing fabric chosen, the border fabric chosen, all I need to settle on is the binding fabric, and then it’s all go ūüôā

DSCF9203 cropped

Final ALYoF for 2015!

ALYOF logoFinishing off my December ALYoF project took much less time than I thought it would, and I actually completed it a couple of weeks ago, which left me plenty of time to start two more quilts this month which will no doubt feature¬†as finishes some time next year ūüôā

I’m really pleased with this one – the lovely batik fabrics make it look bright and fresh, and the simple construction and quilting made it¬†a pleasure to sew: ¬†I can definitely see me doing more of these in the future.

DSCF9098 cropped  DSCF9100 cropped

Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes for the final time this year (I was No. 34 in the December goal setting list here) – I’ve really enjoyed taking part in this challenge, and hope it will be available again next year to keep up my completion rate!

Back to the future?

For my December ALYoF project, I’ve decided to return to one of my earlier projects,¬†which I finished¬†to the flimsy stage back in¬†July.

DSCF7920 croppedNow I want to see if I can add borders, piece together a backing (it’ll have to be pieced, because I don’t have quite enough of the chosen backing fabric to do it in one piece), quilt it, and bind it by the end of the month, which I reckon would be a great¬†way to round off what’s been a pretty good¬†year for me project-wise ūüôā

Progress is going well so far: ¬†this weekend, borders (in a lovely burnt orange batik lookalike) have been added; backing has been pieced (three pieces of a lovely fresh lime green fabric, sashed together with more of the burnt orange); and now I’m ready¬†to start pinning together the sandwich before moving on to¬†the quilting, which will be simple in keeping with the simple rail fence design of the quilt (or, to put it another way, I’m not brave enough to try¬†fancy… ūüôā ). ¬†Binding will be a dark green mottled batik, which goes very nicely with both the burnt orange and the lime green (don’t you just love it when you can find everything you want in your stash?).

ALYOF logoLinking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes, and looking forward to sharing pictures of the finished quilt at the end of the month!



November ALYoF completed

ALYOF logoManaged to complete¬†my November project (No. 51 in the November goal setting¬†party at, even if it did turn¬†into an interesting¬†rescue job when I trimmed off the excess batting and backing, and THEN realised I hadn’t yet attached and allowed for¬†the borders! Talk about a senior moment … ūüė¶ ¬†Anyway, ended up inserting separate strips of batting into each of the borders, which was fiddly and time consuming, but I really wanted those borders and was determined not to be beaten! ūüôā

Changed my mind about the backing, too, and instead of minky I used a dark green fabric purchased a year or two ago, which went well with the light green thread I used for the big stitching.

DSCF9065 cropped  DSCF9066 cropped  DSCF9059

I was leaning towards keeping this one at home anyway,¬†and my error with the borders made¬†the decision to do so all the easier¬†(hmmm … a little bit of subconscious planning going on in my brain at the time?? ūüôā )