September OMG: done!

OMG buttonI really enjoyed working on my September project:  the fabrics I used were colours that I love, and I also enjoy making DNP (disappearing nine-patch) quilts, they’re quick and easy and offer so many different ways of putting them together – I sometimes find the hardest bit of all is deciding just how to turn the blocks once I’ve cut them 🙂

The only disappointing thing about this project was that after I posted about it here at the beginning of the month (when Heidi’s link to the OMG goal-setting wasn’t quite ready), I totally forgot to link up once it was available (duh!).  No matter, I still got the quilt done and ready in time, so that’s the important bit 🙂




Simple straight line quilting – perhaps I could have done a little bit more of that, but in the interests of getting it completed on time I took the ‘less is more’ route 🙂  I do love the rich colours (look at that backing fabric, doesn’t it just glow?) – those autumn shades sure do sing to me!

So even though I didn’t link up at the beginning of the month, I will do so at the end (once Heidi has the link available) 🙂



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