Pleasingly productive

September sure was a good month for me project-wise:  not only did I finish off my OMG project on time, but I also managed to complete another two projects as well 🙂

The first one was a set of four little mug rugs for some of my work colleagues, to say thanks for all their support during my time at Christchurch City Council (I retired yesterday, after 19 years of service – I’ll post about that in a couple of days).

I had one made-up DNP block left over from my OMG project, so I unpicked it to give me four quarter blocks to use as starters for the mug rugs; added a strip of different fabric to each; slapped on some batting and a suitable backing (different for each to give that individual look); did a little bit of FMQ (again, different for each) to decorate; and finally bound each of them with a different strip leftover from a jelly roll used in another project.  (Good use of just a little more of my stash 🙂 )

Here’s how they looked from the front:


and the back:


It took me a couple of days to complete them, which I thought wasn’t too bad, given that I kept being distracted by the rugby and cricket on TV … nothing like a cry of, “Bowled ‘im!!” or “Yes!! He’s over the line and that’s a great try!” to pull my attention away from the sewing machine! 🙂

The other project which I managed to complete was my August OMG:  that lovely strip triangles quilt which I had initially intended to be a donation, but then fell in love with and decided I couldn’t let it go (not just yet, anyway … 🙂 ) – here’s how that turned out:






Love it when everything goes well with planned (and unplanned) projects:  I feel a distinct glow of satisfaction … 🙂



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