World of WearableArt®

At our Christchurch Quilters meeting at the beginning of September, we were thoroughly entertained and impressed by a presentation by two ladies from NZ Blood Service.  What on earth does donating blood have to do with quilting, I hear you ask.   Abso-bloomin-lutely nothing, is my reply 🙂

The two ladies in question had come up with the idea of using more than 80,000 discarded plastic items from their work at the blood bank, collected over a period of about nine months, to create entries for the World of WearableArt®, known as WOW®, a renowned international design competition that attracts hundreds of entries from all over the world.

Here’s a little bit of the story of WOW® from the official website to set the scene for you:

“The Finalists compete for over $165,000 in prize money plus internships with leading creative companies such as Weta Workshop.

Using the human body as a blank canvas designers create works of wearable art to be exhibited in the annual Awards Show. Designs are brought to life in this spectacular stage performance – a world where theatre, fashion and art collide. Held each year in September in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, this unique event draws an audience of over 55,000.

The World of WearableArt® competition has encouraged an explosion of creative activity, inspiring designers from a wide range of backgrounds including art, fashion, textile and industrial design, jewellery, architecture, law and home making, to name a few.

The range of garments produced for the event is simply breath taking, as the rules of competition mean that anything that is in any way wearable can find a place on stage, as long as it is original, beautifully designed and well-made.

WOW® gives entrants freedom of expression without the constraints of commercialism it encourages lateral, original thinking and provides the opportunity to be innovative and inventive.”

In other words, anything goes! 🙂

Here are some photos (courtesy of our club’s newsletter editor) of what our two guests designed and created:




plastic-cloak-9-cropped  plastic-cloak-6-cropped


I think what really struck me (apart from the sheer ingenuity of stringing together thousands upon thousands of little ampoules, tops, lids, clips to create the garment) was that all those little pieces of plastic, each weighing so little on their own, added up to the incredible weight of 65kgs when it came to freighting it from Christchurch to Wellington for pre-acceptance consideration.  Which was possibly one of the reasons that, sadly, the entry wasn’t selected to go forward for judging – imagine the poor model having to carry all that weight as she flossied up and down the catwalk 🙂

It was fascinating to see how they had combined colours and shapes so effectively – and the thought of having to drill over 80,000 little holes so they could string everything together just blew me away!

Have a look here if you’d like to read a little bit of the history of the awards – amazing how it’s grown from such humble beginnings to an event which attracts thousands to Wellington each year.  Now that my son is living in Wellington, I might just have to consider making a trip up there one year to experience the show – it sure looks wonderful!

Harbingers of Spring

It’s been a beautiful day today, and I thought I’d share some photos from my garden to show you that spring has really moved in – particularly welcome after the cold blast we experienced last weekend.  From daffodils to plum blossom and pussy willow, from rhododendrons to forsythia to promising lilac buds, it’s all happening! 🙂

And to finish off the day, tonight (starting in about three minutes, so I need to get this finished off and posted lickety split!), we have the All Blacks playing the Springboks:  go, the ABs!! 🙂 🙂





































For those of you not familiar with the World of WearableArt Awards, held annually in New Zealand, here’s a link to a brief history of how they all started:





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