Big Squishy Parcels!

I love it when big squishy parcels arrive in my letterbox! 🙂  I ordered some fabrics (all on special offer) from Hancock’s of Paducah about three weeks ago and have been waiting (and waiting and waiting!) for them to arrive – and today they did!  (Funny how most of my Hancock’s parcels seem to arrive on a Saturday, just in time for the weekend – I’m sure it’s entirely coincidental, but then again, maybe the Fabric Gods have come to an arrangement with NZ Post …? 🙂 )

Would you like to see what was in today’s parcel?  Thought you would … 😉

Firstly, some lovely batik strips and 5″ squares from Tonga Treats (‘cos as you all know, you can never have enough batiks …)

DSCF0168 cropped

And then, some really cute Funny Farm fabric from Timeless Treasures:

DSCF0170 cropped

Followed closely by some beautiful Tie Dye Butterflies (also from Timeless Treasures):

DSCF0173 cropped

And lastly some fun Pointillist Bargellos from Dear Stella Designs, and some Fabulous Navy Stained Glass from Maude Asbury:

DSCF0176 cropped    DSCF0175 cropped

And … (what the heck, I’m in a confessing mood, so why not spill all the beans), here’s some other lovely stuff I picked up in a Spotlight half-price sale about a month ago:

DSCF0178 cropped


Yup, more batik fabric – there was only about 1.3m left of this, so obviously I’m not alone in my love of the stuff, LOL!


A selection of blenders/mixers, whatever you want to call them – the brown fabric in the third photo was an especially good bargain – already marked down to $4/metre, and the half-price sale further reduced it to $2/metre – so I got 5 metres of that 🙂

DSCF0188 cropped DSCF0181 cropped DSCF0186 cropped DSCF0184 cropped

And finally, some other stuff which either (a) was going at a good price, or (b) I just couldn’t resist …

DSCF0182 cropped    DSCF0180 cropped

So, I can see much stroking and petting of fabric ahead, as I admire them and put them away and take them out again, just for another quick look – you know how it goes, I’m sure … 😉

In my next post I’ll show you what else I’ve been up to apart from much buying of fabric – it’s been another productive month in my quilting world!



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