August OMG: Scrap Happy!

I love string quilts, and scrap quilts.  Love making them, love seeing other people’s efforts.  So when I was going through my UFOs for possible projects for August’s OMG, looking for something simple, and came across a few kaleidoscope scrap blocks which I had started over two years ago, bingo!

(It will also fit the bill nicely as a community quilt, so that’s another box ticked off.  And my quilting club, Christchurch Quilters, are happy to supply batting to its members for community quilts, so that’s another bonus … I’m on a roll, here! 🙂 )

So my OMG challenge for this month is to take these:

DSCF0160 cropped

Make them up into as many of these as I think I’ll need for a single bed-size quilt:

DSCF0164 cropped

DSCF0162 cropped

And then sew them into a flimsy somewhat resembling this:

DSCF0151 cropped

Nope, wait a minute.  That kaleidoscope layout doesn’t really grab me – what about something like this instead …

DSCF0153 cropped

Yup, the diamond variation wins!

OMG button

I’ll be linking up with the August Goal Setting party at Red Letter Quilts here – there’s a great variety of projects this month, you should take a look!





6 thoughts on “August OMG: Scrap Happy!

  1. Nah, could be because I don’t do quilting, but I much prefer your kaleidoscope to your diamond one. I can appreciate the different materials better.

    • One thing’s for sure, Jill, I have enough scrap strips already cut for another one (if not two or three …), so don’t be surprised if you see a kaleidoscope one pop up some time in the future! 🙂

    • I’m really enjoying making this one – love the sort of ‘dappled’ effect that’s achieved by sewing the strips from dark to light or light to dark in each triangle. And not having to match any seams when sewing the triangles together into rows is an added bonus! 🙂


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