The sequel.

Or Take 2.  Or Plan C.  Or Epilogue.  Or whatever you want to call it …

You may recall this fabric:


Which I posted about here yesterday, recounting the difficulties I was having with using it for my Plan A project, which was an OBW.  When that didn’t work, Plan B was a 4-patch instead.  Well, we’re now up to Plan C, and I think (hope) this one is going to work.

I was still keen to achieve a sort of kaleidoscope / repeat pattern effect if I could, so I decided to use some 5″ batik charm squares I had on hand, combine these with the original fabric in half-square triangles, and then see what I could come up with.  Here’s what I had designed by earlier this afternoon:

DSCF0120 cropped

OK, so it’s not the whizz bang OBW I originally planned, but on the whole, I’m actually quite pleased with my retrieval of this project.

(I really wanted to punish that fabric, you know, for being such an awkward, reluctant, misbehaving, unco-operative child – I just wanted to stamp on it and cut it all up into lots of little bits and throw it in the fire and say, “There now, see what you made me do?!  It’s all your fault!”  …  Thank goodness I resisted that temptation! 🙂 )

It’ll probably end up a smaller quilt than I originally planned, due mainly to the fact that I’ve used up all the batik squares I had (managed to get another two rows done to add to the three in the photo, so it’s currently five rows of four blocks).  I’ll add a border or two, possibly even using some of the original fabric as one of the borders; but as a rescue job, it’s not too shabby, yes?  (This jury here thinks so, anyway.)

As the saying goes, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.   Cheers!   🙂






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