The build up. And the let down.

Don’t you just hate it when you get all excited about a quilting project, and then things don’t pan out the way you thought they could / would / should?  I’ve just gone through that:  the build up, the let down … the vision, the reality … *sigh* 😦

Step 1:  It all started with this fabric.


Bright.  Cheerful.  Full of intriguing possibilities.  I hummed and hahed for a whole two days before I succumbed and took home four metres of it.

Step 2:  Ran it through the online OBW (One Block Wonder) Design Helper and got even more excited about it.  (Excuse the washed out colours, this is a scan of a print out.)

OBW design 2017-07-09

Look at all those wondrous hexagons!  Oh, this IS going to be fun! 🙂

Step 3:  Put aside current project (July OMG – only have the binding to finish off now, so fairly safe bet that I will still be able to get it finished before the end of the month).

Step 4:  Lay out new fabric (stroke, pet, admire).  Work out pattern repeat on fabric, work out where to cut strips, cut first six strips, layer one on top of the other, start to pin together in order to cut six-layered triangles for hexagon construction.  Hmmm.  Pattern repeat seems to be a smidgin off in a couple of strips.  Coax gently persuade force fabric to line up.  Nope.  Not gonna work. Wonder why … wait a minute – how come these two strips aren’t the same width from selvage to selvage???

DSCF0115 cropped   DSCF0111 cropped

What the ….???? *sigh*  No wonder I’m having trouble lining up the design repeat!!

Step 5:  Put the kettle on for a cuppa, I need some time out.

Step 6:  Decide to put aside the idea of using the fabric for an OBW.  Think about alternatives.

Step 7:  Plan B.  What about … a 4-patch??

Step 8:  Layer four strips together – seems to line up better than six strips – start cutting squares for 4-patch blocks.   Hmmmmmm (again).   Design does not appear to have been printed consistently throughout fabric.  If I cut on lines of design, blocks differ in width from one selvage to the other.  If I cut blocks the same width from selvage to selvage, design lines are not straight.  *sigh* 

Step 9:  Put the kettle on for another cuppa, I need more time out.

Step 10:  The jury’s still out on this one.  I’ll get back to you when the verdict’s in.






6 thoughts on “The build up. And the let down.

  1. I feel your pain and your happiness now that you have found a block that works with that fabric. Non quilters have no idea of the mental turmoil we go through when faced with our fabric/block choices. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt. Well done for persevering.

  2. Heck I thought that I was reading all about my quilting world through this Post!!! LOL. I think that it might make a good back for a giveaway. I ran into a problem and ended up giving the fabric to the church – I think I was sold a 3rd run of the fabric line. I did get a quilt made but I made it, had problems, ripped it, then redid it and on the last border that did it! It was earlier this year and I did a post on it. Such a waste of good quilting time.

    Great post – hide the fabric and maybe the quilt Faeries will take it one night!

    • LOL, the quilt faeries persuaded me to persevere! I combined it in a half-square triangle design with some pale batik squares, and which looked good enough to soothe my frazzled soul 🙂 In fact, it looked so good that I decided I wanted to make it bigger, so the project is on hold at present, as I had to order some more batik squares and am waiting for them to arrive. Look out for it as one of my OMG projects in a month or two! 🙂


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