Quilty 365: Day 182

Quilty 365Having completely failed to complete a single circle in May, I feel I have slightly redeemed myself by managing to catch up with both May and June, and have completed 182 circles as at 30 June:  whew!!

I’m still enjoying the challenge, especially the opportunity to search through my stash (oh, the stroking and petting of fabric that goes with that!) for the whimsical or unusual fabric which says, “Look at me, pick me, use me, ME, ME! 🙂  I reckon having hung in this far I’m definitely going to be able to make it through the whole year – there may have to be one or two more catch-up sessions along the way, but this project is definitely lots of fun!

A couple of special circles in May and June:  the circle with the big ship in May (circle 10 – 2nd row, 3rd from the left) is a nod to my big brother K., whose birthday is on 10 May.  K. has this thing about sailing, and is always talking about buying his own boat – not one the size of the ocean liner in my circle, I hasten to add, but this was the closest thing to a boat I had on hand.  And then the last circle for June is to celebrate my son Simon’s birthday on 30 June:  like me, he is a cat lover, and I have him to thank for Henry Lee now living with me 🙂

So, here are May and June’s circles!

DSCF0096 cropped

Quilty 365: May’s circles

DSCF0099 cropped

Quilty 365: June’s circles

Linking up with Audrey’s Quilty Folk linky party here.


3 thoughts on “Quilty 365: Day 182

    • Sure is! At the moment I haven’t thought much about how I’m going to assemble them all once the year is done – all I know is, there are gonna be a heck of a lot of circles to do something with, LOL! 🙂


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