Laying claim to a quilt …

Today I’ve been working on my OMG kitty-cat quilt, making reasonable progress on the big stitching with three of the nine blocks now done.  However, my hands were beginning to ache a little with all the hand sewing, so I put it aside when I finished the third block, and turned my attention to selecting fabric strips (batiks, lovely batiks!) for another project:  a jelly roll quilt for my 92-year-old friend, Granny P, who lives way down south in Invercargill.

And when I returned to my sewing area, guess who had laid claim to, and taken up residence on, the aforementioned kitty-cat quilt?  Yup, Henry Lee!

DSCF0023 cropped

Trying it out for size and comfort …


DSCF0024 cropped

Hmmm … nice big stitching … don’t forget to remove the safety pins when you’re finished …



Possession is nine-tenths of the law – and that’s MY paw on it, so hands off!

LOL, I guess he’s trying to give me the message that he’d like one of his own! 🙂

So, more about the project for Granny P.  This will actually be the third jelly roll quilt I’ve made for her:  no. 1 was for her 90th birthday in August 2014, after which she requested a second one, which I made and sent to her for her 91st birthday in August 2015.  However, due to the second one being a bit of a rushed job before I headed off to Australia for a month, I made it just a two-layer quilt (can you still call a quilt a quilt if it only has two layers???), with the same jelly roll top and fleecy backing as I used for the first one, but no batting in the middle.  SHE WAS NOT AMUSED.  Hence her request for a THIRD quilt, WITH BATTING PLEASE, for her 92nd birthday! 🙂  (I think I shall try to retrieve quilt no. 2 next time I go down to see her, and see if I can take it apart and insert some batting – anything for a quiet life! 🙂 🙂 )

Anyway, batik strips have been selected (I actually used some of my Tonga Treats 6″ wide strips and cut two 2.5″ wide strips from 20 different fabrics, to end up with the usual jelly roll set of 40 strips), and I’ve just finished the first step in construction, sewing them all together in one long strip – look at these luscious fabrics!

DSCF0044 cropped

So tonight it’ll be a toss-up between more big stitching, or more jelly rolling  … which would you choose? 🙂



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