April OMG: 60-degree scrap quilt

Hmmm …. so much for the progress photos on this project which I promised in my last post 😦 Sorry ’bout dat …

So today I’m here to make good  – and just in time for the end-of-the-month deadline. 🙂

I think I’ve finally made enough triangles for this project – they’re not all sewn together into rows yet (I still have the bottom three rows to complete to that stage), but I just laid them all out on the bed for this photo, and have even ended up with some spare triangles (which I can put to good use in the backing).  Here’s what it looks like so far:

DSCF9585 cropped

(It’s pretty bright and busy, isn’t it?  I might have to wear sunglasses to bed … 🙂 )

There’s a bit of reorganizing still to do (those two yellow strips right next to each other in the bottom row need to be separated, for example), and maybe some swapping between the leftover triangles and what’s laid out here, but I’m very happy that I achieved my goal.  I didn’t quite get to the flimsy stage, which would have been a bonus, but my primary aim was to make enough triangles, and I’ve definitely done that! 🙂

OMG button

I’ll be joining in with all the other finishers at Heidi’s OMG April link-up party at Red Letter Quilts (thanks for being such a wonderful host, Heidi!) – I see there’s a great variety of completions there already!



2 thoughts on “April OMG: 60-degree scrap quilt

  1. Good on you, you have been busy! I absolutely love this triangular scrappy patchwork! Beautifully busy and no sunglasses required haha!!


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