Most Glorious Autumn Day!

It sure has been a Most Glorious Autumn Day here today 🙂  And, even better, I got to enjoy it at home 🙂 🙂  Stepped outside onto the verandah this morning, and couldn’t resist taking a few photos of my confused clematis, half of which seems to know it’s autumn, while the other half seems to think it’s spring …

DSCF9575 cropped


DSCF9564 cropped

DSCF9580 cropped

(D’ya like the spider web? 🙂 )






So, apart from taking those photos this morning, I’ve been working on my April OMG – the 60-degree triangle scrap quilt – and having lots of fun putting it together.  I’ve realized I’m going to need more triangles than I thought, but that’s OK, it’s not as if there’s a shortage of scraps around here 🙂  Luckily Monday is a public holiday (25 April is Anzac Day in New Zealand and Australia), so I’m going to get a four-day weekend to work on it rather than my usual three, which is good news given that the end of the month (and therefore the OMG deadline) draws nigh …  I also have to make a few more circle blocks for the Quilty 365 project – I’m a bit behind on that one again as well.

So, you’d think with all that ‘work’ to do, I wouldn’t have wasted any time getting on with it … but I did:   I’ve just spent the last hour or so playing on the computer!  It was quilt-related playing, however, so I think I can be forgiven, yes? 🙂  A member of the Facebook One Block Wonder group to which I belong posted a week or so ago about a website which shows you how your fabric might look as a one block wonder design – so this afternoon I thought I’d check it out, and oh, I did have fun!  I used some scans of fabric in my stash and ‘created’ OBW designs using the programme, and then saved the designs as snapshots, together with the scan of my original fabric – here are a few examples to show you what I mean (original fabric at the top, OBW design below):

Possible OBW 1 Possible OBW 2 Possible OBW 3 Possible OBW 4 Possible OBW 5 Possible OBW 6

Interestingly, some beautiful Australian fabric with lovely aboriginal designs which I bought in Brisbane last year,  and which I trialed with my special mirrors at the time and was sure would make a fantastic OBW, turns out sort of … meh … but you may not agree …

Aboriginal fabric OBW

I’ve previously used my Kaleidoscope Kreator programme to get an idea of what some fabrics will look like as OBW designs, but I think this programme is easier and better, especially the option of being able to save your design as a snapshot together with the original fabric.  I can see a few more hours being wasted put to good use with this one! 🙂

And with that, it’s time to prepare my evening meal and then settle back into some more sewing – progress photos will follow at some stage over the weekend 🙂  Have a good evening, everyone!








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