Buried treasures in my stash …

Between my current April OMG project (a 60 degree scrap quilt) and my Quilty 365 project (requiring a block with a circle each day for a year), my need for scraps is at a premium at present.  Which necessitated a fossick – a dig deep – a treasure hunt through my stash for scrap supplies.  And oh, lookee, lookee what I found, buried deep in a container:  Kaffe Fassett strips!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


They’re each about 6″ deep by width of fabric, and I have no idea where I got them from, nor how long ago … I suspect it might have been from Colleen at Thumpacat Fabrics (based here in New Zealand, up in Nelson), who always has some great scrap/offcut/end of bolt/ $1 a piece grab bag bargains, with the added bonus of free postage in NZ, PLUS she always throws in a little “bonus bit” with every purchase – it’s just a wee scrap of fabric, but the last one I received was little cat drawings, so that went down very well 🙂  I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics, so rich and colourful (and expensive, which is why I don’t buy metres and metres of it at a time!), so these will be put to very good use in both projects.

I’ve been beavering away on my 60 degree quilt almost non-stop for the last two days, so much so that a few aches and twinges are occurring in my neck and shoulders 😦  Luckily for me, Melanie McNeil at Catbird Quilt Studios posted about The Comfort Zone just yesterday, including a very handy AQS link to ten exercises to keep quilters loose and comfortable:  which couldn’t have been timed better 🙂  (Thanks, Melanie!)  So I’m taking it a little bit easier today, but I thought I’d share a few photos to show you what I’ve got made so far:


On the bottom row are my constructed triangles, all different sizes and all made by combining two or more fabrics.  One of the fun things about this project is that there are no rules on how big or small your triangles should be, it’s just whatever feels right to you – very flexible!

On the top row are some ‘filler strips’ on the left, which will be used to fill the spaces when I come to sew together triangles of different sizes; and on the right are single-fabric triangles of varying sizes, which will provide ‘breathing spaces’ at intervals between all the busyness of the constructed triangles – you know, sort of like punctuation in writing … 🙂


Hmmm, that’s quite a pile of triangles – but there are a few more to make yet!

It’s a beautiful sunny day today, which means I should be outside enjoying it, but … there’s quilting and fabric stroking to be done inside!  I’ve just worked out that on my current work schedule (4 days a week) I only have 97 working days left until I retire at the end of September – woohoo!   🙂 🙂  And there has been a suggestion that there may be an opportunity to reduce my hours further before then, so it may even be fewer than 97 – oh, frabjous joy!

Right, time for a cuppa and then back to the sewing table – hope your weekend is going well!






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