Quilty 365: March circles

Thank goodness for this project, which helped me retain some sanity in March while I struggled with my OMG project (you can read about that here).  This circle thing is fun, serious fun, and I’m so glad I decided to be part of it 🙂

Here’s what I created for the mad month of March:

DSCF9531 cropped(Hmmm – lots of big (and little) yellow and orange circles there – trying to talk myself into a sunnier frame of mind to get over my funk with the OMG project, perhaps?)

There are a few circles I particularly want to highlight.  My younger sister has been in my ear about my lack of “African circles”.  (Given that we were both born and raised in Zimbabwe, and both of us have a great stash of African fabrics.  I have to say she’s done much better at using her African stash than I have – the majority of my African stash is still nestled pristinely in two large bags labelled “Possible Out of Africa Project 1” and “Possible Out of Africa Project 2” – you know what it’s like when you have this beautiful fabric that you just love so much you don’t want to cut it up?  That’s me …)

Anyway, this month I bit the bullet and made some “African circles” – here they are picked out, all in a row:

DSCF9538 cropped

And I love them!  I think the feet one is my favourite … so far, anyway – because I’m sure there will be more of these in the months ahead 🙂

And the other circle I wanted to highlight is the one I made for the last day of the month, 31 March:

DSCF9537 cropped

Isn’t she beautiful?  Jersey cows have featured in my life from way back when.  I think I’m right in saying that I was actually named after a Jersey cow (or was it a calf?) my parents used to have in the UK, before they emigrated to Southern Rhodesia in 1949; and at the age of 2 or 3, I featured on the front page of the daily Rhodesian newspaper with my older sister, as we got up close and personal with a Jersey cow at the Salisbury Show in the early 1950s – here we are:

Salisbury Show

With Father being a vet, and given that he used to do a lot of  “PD work” (standing for pregnancy diagnosis – I think?) for dairy farmers far and wide, it was fairly certain that each year when we went to the Salisbury Show, a visit to the dairy sheds was always part of our visit, and the Jerseys were always our favourites.  Many years later, my folks started their own Jersey herd, as did my sister (she of the picture above) and brother-in-law, who farmed next door:  and this circle from 31 March was specially made for that particular brother-in-law, who loved his Jerseys and whose birthday was yesterday – many happy returns, A! 🙂

I’d also like to add that this was another successful attempt at printing onto fabric on my home printer – love it that I can do this!  I had to laugh when I was searching via Google for a suitable photo of a Jersey cow, though – even though I specifically searched for “Jersey cow image”, I was also offered images of frogs, chickens, goats, Friesian, Ayrshire, Hereford and Highland cows, lions (what the heck???), dogs, a leopard, doves, teddy bears, a car, and a cowboy on a horse!  Didn’t quite get to the elephant stage, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if one had turned up sooner or later … 🙂

I’ll be linking to the March link-up party for Quilty 365 when it’s available – I think Audrey must still be working on completing her March circles … although to be fair, March might not actually be over yet in her neck of the woods … 🙂

Quilty 365

Update – here’s the link to the March link-up party! 🙂




11 thoughts on “Quilty 365: March circles

  1. The time thing is interesting when putting up a linky party! Thanks for joining in with us again. Your circles are so much fun to look through!

    • Thanks, Audrey! And please don’t think I was being critical with my comment on the linky party – I was just so keen to share my circles! I’m enjoying doing them so much, so thank you again for hosting this project 🙂

  2. I think your circles are marvelous — and I do understand about saving precious fabric. BUT, I am also finding great joy is actually USING my favorites. Hope you will add lots more African circles to your collection!

    • Thank you 🙂 Given the stash of African fabric that I have, and also the number of days this project still has to run, I’m SURE there will be more African circles! 🙂


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