March OMG: Finally, it’s a Flimsy!

I was so full of enthusiasm and energy when I first started this project, but for some reason I’ve found it really difficult to stay focused and committed to reaching my goal for March.  However, finally – FINALLY! – it’s done:  the last curve has been sewn, the last row of sashing has been attached, and it can legitimately now be classed as a flimsy.  Woohoo!! 🙂  Here’s an overall photo, plus a few close-ups of some of the blocks.

I have to confess to spending some time dipping in and out of other projects during the month, mainly in an effort to encourage my sewing mojo as it sagged and flagged, but also because there were days when I simply wanted to work on something, anything other than the OMG!  And yet, now that I’ve finally got there, I am pleased with how it looks, and even managed to sort out backing and binding fabrics for it this morning (although it’s definitely not going any further than that for at least a couple of months – I need a break from it …).  At present it’s slightly smaller than lap-size, so when I come back to it I may decide to add another (wider) border to bring it up to lap quilt size.  (That depends on how engaged I feel about it at the time.)

For now, I’m going to move on to other things:  I have two circles to complete for my Quilty 365 project for the month, and then it’ll be into my stash to do some fabric stroking and petting and auditioning for a new project – saw a very clear, simple tutorial for a disappearing 4-patch the other day, and also one for a braid quilt, both of which I have not tried so far.  Here’s hoping that April’s project goes more smoothly than March’s did! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “March OMG: Finally, it’s a Flimsy!

    • Thank you! I was winging it – saw the block used in a quilt some time ago (I think somewhere on Pinterest), and kept a copy on my computer for when I felt strong enough to tackle sewing curves, which I’ve avoided up until now 🙂 I did make up a template for myself, but cutting the curves in each rectangle within a block was done freehand, three layers of fabric at a time (I used a Layer Cake pack from Moda). I then just alternated the blocks within and between each row – laid it out initially with no sashing at all, but then decided it needed something between each block and also between each row, to give it a little bit more of a ‘connected’ look, rather than just a whole lot of blocks thrown together higgledy-piggledy 🙂

  1. Yay! Congratulations on your flimsy! I understand how hard it can be to stay focused on something that just doesn’t grab your attention anymore but you did it 😀 and it looks great. I keep saying I’m going to try curves but haven’t tackled it yet.

    • Thank you 🙂 Doing the curves thing was part of my Word for 2016, which is Learn – I tried both the unpinned and the pinned approach, and also two different ways of matching the two curves before sewing, so if I achieved nothing else, at least I did learn something with this project! 🙂


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