Quilty 365: Week 6 (and other things)

Quilty 365I’ve had a bit of fun with some of this week’s circles 🙂

I love laying out all the blocks I’ve made so far – difficult to imagine what it’ll look like once I get all 366 done!  And as for trying to figure out how I’m going to sew them together – will it be three 4-month quilts, four 3-month quilts, two 6-month quilts, or one whole year’s quilt??  Yikes!  That would be one humongous quilt – and how the heck would I quilt it on my domestic machine??!  Think I’ll put those concerns away for now and just enjoy the process of the day-by-day creations 🙂

Having decided on my OMG goal for the month (see here), I haven’t done a single thing with it since getting the quilting sandwich pinned together last weekend 😦  It’s been sitting glaring at me all week, while I:

  1. Played with my circles;
  2. Worked some more on my half-square triangle project, sewing together all the half-square triangles into rows and then the rows together into a flimsy;
  3. Pretended to look for suitable binding fabric for the OMG quilt but ended up sorting out and gathering together possible fabrics for another yet-to-be-decided project (they all just went together so beautifully, I couldn’t put them away again …);
  4. Worked on a wonky block quilt (this sneaky project inveigled its way onto my sewing table a couple of weekends ago, and keeps waving at me!).

In other words, The Procrastination Bug bit me Big Time.  I think it’s deciding on how I’m going to quilt the OMG that’s holding me back:  I’d like to try something a little bit different, but I’m scared that it won’t go well and then I’ll have to spend hours unpicking it …  Maybe I should just go for something simple and get it done! 🙂

Lovely three-day working week last week, with Monday being a holiday (Waitangi Day observance – 6 February is the actual date of Waitangi Day, but they Mondayised it last year, so if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we get the Monday to observe the holiday), and then my usual Friday off.  The first cricket test between Australia and our Black Caps started in Wellington on Friday, and I regret to say that the Aussies are on top at the moment 😦  However, there are another three days to go yet, and cricket can be a funny game sometimes! Last night I watched the NZ Breakers (basketball team) thrash Melbourne United in Auckland, with a rematch in Melbourne to come on Sunday.  After that we head into the semi-finals round, with one 3-game series between Melbourne United and the Breakers (finishing 1st and 4th in the preliminary round respectively); and a second 3-game series between the Perth Wildcats and the Illawarra Hawks (finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively).  The Breakers have won 4 of the last 5 Australian NBL championships, although they looked down and out until a couple of weeks ago, when they came off a 6-match losing streak and (finally!) started to play some great basketball.  Hopefully they can continue and pull it off for Win No. 6.

Anyway, time for me to bite the bullet and get to work on February’s OMG:  Procrastination, Get Thee Gone!







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