Quilty 365: Week 5 (sort of)

Quilty 365When I say ‘sort of’, it’s actually Days 32 – 38, ie part-way through Week 5 and part-way into Week 6; but then, who cares? 🙂

I kept the circles a little more ‘traditional’ this week, but sorted out some different scraps to use, and also used some charm squares that have been sitting around for a year or three at least – the fact that they’ve previously been passed over many times in the past when I’ve been choosing fabric for quilts means this is a good way to put them to use!  One of these days I will start to tackle some of the stitching to hold the circles, etc to finish them off – I’ve done very few so far.

(You’ll notice that I didn’t forget to include a cat one this week 🙂  Don’t worry, with all the different sorts of cat fabric I have in my stash, there’ll probably be a different cat block each week for the rest of the project!)

Just finished watching a very exciting cricket game, the third ODI (one-day international) between NZ and our cuzzies from across the ditch, Australia.  It was a 3-game series, and it was 1-1 going into today’s game, so the series was on the line, not to mention it being the last ODI for our inspirational captain, Brendon McCullum, who will be retiring from the NZ cricket team after the two test matches which will follow the ODI series.  Anyway, I’m delighted to report that NZ won!!  I think it would be fair to say it was probably against expectations – and there was also a little bit of controversy during the game with regard to one of the Australian wickets – but it was a really exciting game, and a very fitting farewell for a great captain.

I managed to make reasonable progress on my OMG project yesterday and today (today was actually a public holiday, so no work) – got the borders sewn on yesterday and the backing sorted and cut, and then today I cut the batting and pinned the three layers together.  I think I’ll baste them together as well before I tackle the quilting.  Haven’t quite settled on what sort of quilting (ie, big stitch or machine) or pattern – since the majority of the fabrics in the quilt are florals of one sort or another, it might be nice to have a simple orange peel or flower design, but I need to put some more thought into that and decide if I have the time to do it all before the end of the month deadline.  (Although it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t get it done in time – but it would be nice, all the same! 🙂 )

How sad that work has to interfere with all this creativity tomorrow … *sigh* 😦





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