OMG: January project done!

OMG buttonI actually finished this project last weekend, but hadn’t got round to taking photos of it until today.

I changed my mind about the backing I originally had in mind, and instead used leftover fabric from a hexagon quilt WIP, which then meant I also had to change the binding; but it all came together nicely in the end, and I actually think the second choice backing suits the batiks better.  I just did some very simple diagonal quilting to finish it off, which was relatively painless and doesn’t distract from the beautiful colours of the fabrics.  (I always tend to incline to the side of ‘less is more’ with my quilting anyway, as a personal preference – that and the fact that I don’t have a longarm machine, and am too mean to pay someone to do it for me! 🙂 )

DSCF9319 croppedDSCF9310 cropped











I love making Disappearing Nine Patch quilts – they’re so easy to construct, and yet you can end up with so many varied designs just by changing the way you re-construct the quartered nine-patch blocks.  I have another one from last year finished to the flimsy stage, which I might use as my February OMG project – unless something else waves its hand at me first, which is quite possible 🙂   Funny how some projects just seem to sneak in under the radar and before you know it, there they are, taking up residence on the sewing table … I’ve been attacked by one of those this weekend! But that can wait for another post; and I’ll also hold off posting a Quilty 365 weekly update, since there are only a few days left in January, and then I can show you the whole month’s work in the linky party in early February.

Other than that my weekend has been spent watching a whole lot of sport on TV (basketball, cricket and tennis – man, there have been some great matches in the Australian Open – don’t often watch the women’s final, but thoroughly enjoyed this year’s epic battle between Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber, and I was chuffed to see Kerber pull it off!); reading; and sleeping (someone seems to have installed an automatic sleep mode in my La-Z-Boy, which makes me nod off whenever I sit down in it … 🙂 )

Hope your weekend has been as productive or lazy as you wanted it to be = sometimes being lazy is just what your body and mind need … that’s my story, anyway!



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