Quilty 365 – Week 2

Quilty 365

Despite having to return to work this week, thereby reducing my leisure sewing/quilting hours considerably, I’ve managed to keep up with making a circle a day for the second week of this challenge with a little bit of forethought and pre-planning. 🙂  I’ve already posted about Day 8 here, so below are Days 9-14:

For Day 9’s circle, I used some of the fabric I decorated at last year’s surface design workshop, and for Day 10, the ‘petals’ (leaves?) are some of the offcuts from a circle cutting session with my Fabi cutter.  Day 11 celebrates my arrival in New Zealand 42 years ago, using a scan of an iris folding card I made a couple of years ago, printed onto fabric and set it on some appropriate ‘sea looking’ fabric for the background square.  The flower on Day 12’s circle was made using one of those daisy wheel contraptions; Day 13 incorporates more scraps from a few earlier projects; and Day 14’s circle celebrates all the lovely summer flowers out at present (although not in my garden – too much quilting going on at present for any serious gardening around here! 🙂 )

I have also finished quilting my OMG project (just some simple diagonal lines – I didn’t want to draw attention away from the beautiful batik fabrics), and will be ready to start on the binding after I have finished burying all the loose threads and trimmed and squared it up.  Barring any major hiccups between now and the end of the month, I shouldn’t have any problem completing this as my January OMG project, which will be a good start to the year. 🙂

Did I mention previously that I was lucky enough to win another Fat Quarter Shop gift voucher in the December ALYoF finale?  So I went shopping online yesterday, and found a lovely bundle of solid colour fat quarters on special – it’s not very often I purchase plain, unpatterned fabric, but I can definitely see some of them being used as background fabric in my Quilty 365 squares, so I’m looking forward to the parcel arriving in the mail!

It’s wet and cold today, ideal weather for a day inside sewing and playing with fabric without having to feel guilty – Henry Lee has been tucked up on the La-Z-Boy for most of the day and I have to confess I did join him for a snooze at one stage … but now it’s time to get back to the sewing table and on with the work in hand!



2 thoughts on “Quilty 365 – Week 2

  1. Beautiful, they are perfect. I do work like this also, but not enough time these days and my eyes aren’t too good since my operation. Congratulations for 42 years in New Zealand, a beautiful place to live.


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