Happy Little Hermit!

I’ve been on leave for the last 17 days, and have become such a happy little hermit at home! 🙂 I love the solitude and peace and quiet out here; the ability to set my own rhythm for each day as I feel so inclined, whether it be reading, catching up on the computer, sitting at the sewing machine or relaxing nodding off in the La-Z-Boy in the afternoons (oh, I am going to miss those siestas!).  While the summer weather has been a bit patchy, and not as warm as some would like, it’s been comfortable enough for me and I love the long evenings at this time of year, with beautiful sunsets such as this one a week or so ago:


Sadly, tomorrow sees a return to work 😦  However, looking on the bright side of things, I’m going to be retiring in another 37-and-a-bit weeks, when this relaxed lifestyle will become my usual way of living:  bring it on! 🙂

I have ventured into Christchurch only twice, once to return library books, and once to purchase a new fridge (my old one having decided that after 30-plus years of service, it was time to shuffle off its mortal coil …); and once into Darfield.  The rest of my time has been spent chilling out with Henry Lee (I think he’s enjoyed having me at home 🙂 ).  I had a list of things I wanted to achieve during this break, but most of them have gone by the board as the quilting bug moved in and took over 🙂  You will have seen my previous posts about Quilty 365 (here) and OMG:  One Monthly Goal (here); I also have three other projects on the go which I thought I’d share photos of today.

DSCF9108 croppedThe first is a hexagon quilt, inspired by one of the patterns in The New Hexagon by Katja Marek.  This went swimmingly well at first, as I sewed my strips together, cut out the hexagon wedges and then sewed them together, carefully matching seams where I needed to – it was pretty similar to what I’d done with the One Block Wonder (OBW) quilt I made last year (see here), and I felt quite comfortable with that part of the technique.  However, when it came to sewing the whole hexagons together (rather than rows of half-hexagons as I did with the OBW), the whole seam matching at an angle, to ensure the bands of colour flowed smoothly from hexagon to hexagon, suddenly became all too much for me …  So I changed the design and went with Plan B instead, which involved adding a single colour strip to each of the six hexagon sides, thereby avoiding any difficult seam matching … the only stress now is getting the Y-seams correct where the hexagons meet, and I’ve actually managed that quite well (big tick in the learning column for that if nothing else!).  So, all the hexies are now sewn together, and I’m about to work out what to do about the top, bottom and side borders, plus decide on backing and binding fabric.

DSCF9160 croppedAfter two full days of working on the hexie quilt my mind needed a break and the chance to indulge in some mindless sewing, so I grabbed the bag of 4.5″ squares which I had cut last October with the Fabi cutter, and starting making some half-square triangles (HSTs).  These will be sewn up into a simple quilt as and when my brain says, “Give me a break already!” . I’m sure it’ll make the OMG list at some stage during the year! 🙂


DSCF9105 croppedAs well as these two projects, I also started a Ricky Tims’ Kool Kaleidoscope quilt (bought myself his book for Christmas 🙂 ). Wedges 1, 2 and 3 went together very well; Wedge 4 I wasn’t so happy with, and the fabric strips I sewed together for Wedge 5 have also fallen out of favour, so this is how it looks on the design wall at present:

I’ll get back to this once I’ve completed my January OMG project (I’ve just started the quilting on that), and made some decisions on the next steps for the hexagon quilt – at present I don’t need the design wall for anything else, so it can sit there quite happily until I’m ready to tackle it 🙂

So, my holiday has been both relaxing and productive, full of creativity and play and fun:  is it any wonder I’m not in a hurry to go back to work???!!!




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