Quilty 365 – Day 8

Did you hear that whoop I let out this morning??  I was SO pleased with myself, there was even a fist pump or two along with the whoop! Let me explain …  Quilty 365

Strand 1 of the story:  For today’s Quilty 365 circle, I wanted to pay homage in some way to my beloved aunt, who sadly passed away many years ago, but whose birthday it is today.  She was born in Scotland, but spent over half her life in Zimbabwe, living off and on with our family (she was my mother’s sister) and was a very important part of my life.

Strand 2 of the story:  Ever since I attended a workshop on printing onto fabric at the Brisbane Quilt Show two years ago, I’ve wanted to try it out, but have had great difficulty finding the necessary supply of paper-backed fabric at a price I felt comfortable paying.  (The fact that I haven’t actually had a working printer for the last two years was also a small spanner in the works, but I rectified this just prior to Christmas when I got a great half-price deal – with an additional cash-back offer – on an Epson printer, so that solved that problem!)  Anyway, yesterday I did some serious Googling on the matter, and found this wonderful article on printing onto fabric using freezer paper; tried it out this morning, and it worked like a dream!

So without further ado, here is today’s circle, dedicated to a very special lady – this one’s for you, Miss Lyall 🙂

Day 8 - DSCF9216 cropped


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