Quilty 365 – January link-up

Quilty 365Although I came across the Quilty 365 project (challenge?) last year, I only decided to join in on 1 January, so I’m now up to Day 7, and I’m having such fun!

I do have one concern, though:  at the moment I’m on holiday, and therefore spending hours playing with fabric and circles and embellishments is no problem – but what’s going to happen when I have to go back to work next Monday?  Where am I going to find the hours to play then???!  Drat!

Anyway, in the meantime, here are photos of my first seven circles, which I’ll be linking to the January Quilty 365 link-up (where there’s a wonderful selection of circle interpretations to look at).

Day 3’s circle uses little cut-off pieces (waste not, want not, my Scottish mother taught me) from a hexagon quilt I’m working on; Day 5 was an idea I came across in a book I recently had out from the library (and I see others in the link-up have used a similar design); the words in the corner fabric in Day 6 fitted very well with my Word for 2016 (Learn), and some of the thoughts expressed by Elizabeth Gilbert in her book, Big Magic (which I really recommend if you haven’t already read it); and Day 7’s background fabric was created at the surface design workshop I did back in November.  I haven’t yet decided what sort of stitching or edging to do on Days 3-7 – all the shapes/circles have been fused to the background squares, but I will need to sew them on as well to make sure they don’t come adrift in the rough and tumble of constructing the final quilt.

I’m really enjoying this project so far – I love playing with colours and shapes and designs and decorations, and it’ll be interesting to look back each month and track my journey through the year!




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