My word for 2016

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I spotted this post on Elm Street Quilts the other day about choosing a word for daily inspiration in 2016, and remembered how much fun I had doing my word for 2015 (see here), so I’ve been mulling over the possibilities for the new year …


Play? (nah, too much like last year …)   Try?  (I am, already.)   Create?  (Again, I am, already!)   Finally I settled on this:


DSCF9177 cropped


And I’m doing just that with my Quilty 365 project each day – learning to sew circles and successfully use Vliesofix fusible web:  two ticks for me so far 🙂

Given also that I will be retiring from work towards the end of the year, I’m sure that will involve a whole heap of learning and adjusting to a different way of living – a simpler, less stressful life; yes, with less discretionary spending available, but with much, much more time to be creative and to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction that I get from that creativity:  sounds like a good trade-off to me!

I’ve just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, and so much of what she says resonated with me.  Several times I found myself smiling and nodding my head in agreement, and I just love her concept that new and marvellous ideas are always roaming around looking for human collaborators, constantly trying to get our attention; and that we have to let them know we’re available by following our curiosity, asking questions and remaining open to inspiration.  So that’s going to be part of my learning this year as well, to be open to new and different ideas and not be afraid to ask, what if I do it this way instead of that?  I’m looking forward to the adventures ahead! 🙂



6 thoughts on “My word for 2016

  1. Love your word for the year! The concept with learn is very similar to my word choice of Discover! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts Word 16.


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