A circular approach … to Quilty 365

Quilty 365Back in early November, I came across this post by Audrey, and thought what a neat idea it was, to sew one simple circle a day.  But I hesitated to commit myself to it at the time, because (a) I’ve never used any circles (or anything even remotely curvy) in any of my quilts so far; (b) my one and only attempt to use fusible web last year was a complete failure; and (c) did I really need another project when I already have so many WIPs and UFOs waiting for my attention?  So I decided to abstain from this one, and focus instead on the other challenge I was already part of, A Lovely Year of Finishes, which had really encouraged me to finish off more projects during the year.

But you know, it kept niggling away at me … I’d see other bloggers posting about how they were just starting out on their 365-day challenge, and how much fun they were having, and I kept thinking I should do that, it would be a good learning curve for me … but at 10.30 this morning I finally decided, no, I had enough on my plate, with three new quilts on the go at the moment, not to mention all those WIPs and UFOs …  Be strong, I told myself.  Be firm, don’t take on another challenge.  Just concentrate on your current projects.

DSCF9130 cropped

And then at 2.30 this afternoon I changed my mind!!  It’s been such a beautiful summer’s day here today, glorious blue sky and warm sunshine, and I could envisage my first block quite clearly, a lovely warm yellow circle appliqued onto a clear blue fabric … so I did it! 🙂

And since it was such a lovely afternoon I sat outside to stitch it into place, with a gentle breeze to keep me cool, the birds singing in the trees to encourage me, and a big smile on my face at how easily I had given in at the end.  And already I have ideas fizzing in my head for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next – oh, this is going to be fun!  And it ties in very nicely with my quilting word for 2016, which is Learn 🙂  (I’ll start on the small quilt for that tomorrow!)

Happy New Year, everybody!




6 thoughts on “A circular approach … to Quilty 365

  1. It’s lovely to see the sun and the blue sky for your new project! You can handle four projects, I’m sure 😀 All the best for the brand new quilting year!

  2. “Learn” is a great goal word! I should pick a goal word for me for 2016.

    Really nice work on your circle! If you ever decide you want to machine-piece circles, I highly recommend the Curve Master presser foot! Makes curves a breeze! (You can see videos of how it works on YouTube. I picked mine up on Amazon)


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