Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair, October 2015

WARNING:  This post has LOTS of photos in it! 🙂

I’ve attended the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair each year for the last 5 or 6 years now, and never tire of seeing the amazing selection of quilts on show.  Being a novice wannabe quilter myself, I find it really inspiring to see how others use fabric and stitching and embellishments in their creations, and I’ve also enjoyed attending some of the workshops in the last couple of years as well.  I particularly like seeing the various challenges, whether it be to use a particular fabric or to work to a theme – with such a broad range of entries, it’s always interesting to see the different interpretations and ideas.

Here’s a selection of some of the quilts on show – not all of them were to my personal taste, but some of the work and time involved was so incredible I thought they still deserved inclusion.

First of all, some of the challenges – this first one involved use of a zebra striped fabric in the quilt (you can see a piece of it in the bottom right corner of one of the second prize photo):

Celebration of Colour challenge:

AQC Challenge – True Blue entries:

Next, a few animal/bird quilts:


And finally, medallion or patterned quilts (for want of a better description!):

Some pretty amazing work, isn’t there?  Highly unlikely that I’ll ever achieve anything even close to these standards, but I still get a lot of pleasure and fun out of my attempts, which keeps me happy! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair, October 2015

  1. Thanks for putting these up for us all to admire (again!). Some of them are truly incredible, and I love the ingenuity shown – such as smock gathering the zebra material in those cockerel and sheep pictures. So clever. Thanks for the memory.

  2. This is such an impressive collection of artful, amazing quilts…I can’t even tell which one at be my favorite. The girl’s face is incredible, and I also love the landscape, the dancers, and…so many others! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Thanks, Tiny – I think the girl’s face was my favourite – although one of the other AQC Challenges (the swagman and his dog sitting by the fire) was pretty special as well. You’d swear some of them were a photo until you got up close and saw the hundreds of little pieces of fabric stitched together – really incredible!

    • You’re welcome! I always look forward to going to it, and always find one (or more) which makes my jaw drop. This year it was one of the AQC True Blue challenge quilts – the one of the young Aboriginal girl’s face. The fabrics used were absolutely beautiful, and so, so appropriate, it was quite stunning.


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