Whew! Just made it in time …

ALYOF logoThis month’s ALYoF project has at last reached the flimsy stage, just in time for me to post before the 31 July deadline expires!  For some reason I procrastinated again and again on working on this project, until it almost got to the stage where I was going to flag it altogether …  But a day off work today has allowed me get it finished, thank goodness (I’m one of those people who hates to admit defeat …).  Anyway, here’s a photo, taken inside under lights due to the lateness of the finish, so please excuse the shadows and slightly suspect colours 🙂 DSCF7920 cropped And, as is always the way once something is sewn together, I can see blocks that should have been turned the other way or placed somewhere else – tch!  Too late, I ain’t unpicking it now! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Whew! Just made it in time …

  1. It looks wonderful to me!!! I wouldn’t change a thing. We’re always so critical of our own work…why is that? (rhetorical question). Glad you got it finished ‘just in time’ 😀


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