A Lovely Year of Finishes: May project completed (tick)

ALYOF logoHenry Lee gently chided me a few days ago about my lack of blogging of late, and he’s right:  the last time I posted was at the beginning of the month, when I shared what I had planned for my May project for A Lovely Year of Finishes (ALYoF) (I was goal setter No. 84).  And I’m pleased to say that it has now been completed! 🙂

Once again I went for minimal quilting (just simple stitch in the ditch), in part due to lack of confidence and experience in doing any fancy stuff myself, but also because I sometimes feel (please don’t shoot me for saying this) that some quilts are all about the quilting design and how much of it there is, rather than letting the fabrics speak for themselves …  I don’t mean to offend anyone or disparage anyone’s quilting efforts by saying this:  I’m just very comfortable with less being more in the case of my own quilts.

Anyway, here are some photos of the finished project, which isn’t perfect, but which I’m happy with  (I do so love working with batik fabrics …) 🙂

DSCF7785 DSCF7786 DSCF7778

During the month I managed to find a universal walking foot which fits my old sewing machine, and it certainly made the stitch in the ditch part easier – although I do need to work on my accuracy in sticking to ‘the ditch’!


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