Fun …. and frustration

Firstly, the fun.  Yesterday I attended my first quilting workshop, courtesy of Christchurch Quilters, whose meeting I attended earlier this month (see my post here).  The workshop was on half-square triangles, or HSTs, and I had a great day!  There were 12 or 13 of us, with two instructors, so there was plenty of opportunity for one-on-ones with an instructor when things weren’t going well, or you needed some extra guidance.  It was held at Sydenham Community Centre, a Christchurch City Council-owned facility which is available for hire and has a lovely outdoor garden area which we all took advantage of during the lunch break, to make the most of a beautiful day of sunshine and warm weather (25°C, and we’re only just over a month away from the first day of winter:  choice!).

My experience of working with triangles in my quilting has been limited and not very successful up to now, I have to say, so it was an ideal opportunity to find out more and practise cutting out and sewing together triangles so that the points met together (well, mostly) in an orderly manner, without one or two lagging behind … 🙂

Once we had all made our selection of triangles, we were provided with a sheet showing umpteen different layouts and patterns we could use to create a quilt block, and invited to choose one and sew our block together in that pattern.  It was interesting to see everyone’s end results.  The instructors also showed us some of their own work, which gave us further inspiration and ideas for future quilts – there was a beautiful example shown using light and dark batik strips sewn together in threes and then cut into triangles, which was instantly added to my “Ooh, I’d love to make that!” list 🙂  (Look, I even have a set of batik strips on hand which would suit the purpose admirably – how’s that for forward planning?)

Here are a couple of photos I took during the day:


Setting up time ..

DSCF7576 cropped

… and Show Time!


I came away at the end of the workshop feeling much more confident about working with triangles and sewing them together, and also enjoyed the opportunity to get to meet and talk to some of the club members – I can see I’ll be attending more of these sessions in the months ahead 🙂

And the frustration?  Manufacturers of computer equipment who think that ALL their customers are hot-shot young computer gurus who know AUTOMATICALLY how to set up a new computer screen and therefore don’t deem it NECESSARY to include an INSTRUCTION BOOKLET with their equipment!!!  *Sigh*  

A couple of weeks ago my computer screen upped and died on me:  no warning, no signs, it just suddenly turned up its toes and quit (!@#%****!!!).  Given that it was more than a few years old, I thought I would replace rather than repair, so I diligently searched online, sourced one that looked pretty good and was a price I could afford, ordered it online and picked it up the following day.  Unpacked it and found a warranty brochure, but no instruction booklet, and when I rang the retailer to check, I was informed that it is no longer ‘deemed necessary’ to include an instruction book, because it’s so simple to set up and operate!  (Inference:  even a child could do it.)  Well, I’m sorry, but my 63-year old brain didn’t find it simple at all, particularly when the necessary buttons are hidden away underneath the monitor, with no labels or indication of how to switch from one to the other, or how to select the option required:  I can tell you, I let fly with more than a few choice words while trying to sort it out!  I have now managed to find a manual online, which has given me some assistance, but I have to say that I do not consider this good customer service.   Grrrr!!

Anyway, tomorrow is a public holiday (Anzac Day observance) here in New Zealand:  Anzac Day (25 April) was actually yesterday, but in 2013 the government enacted legislation allowing the “Monday-isation” of Anzac Day and Waitangi Day (6 February) should they fall on a Saturday or Sunday, with the following Monday then being observed as a public holiday.  This is good news for me, as it should allow me to make the progress necessary on my April project for A Lovely Year of Finishes to have it completed by the deadline of 30 April 🙂  And, what’s more, today I selected my May project as well, so I’m on a bit of a roll here!  More about the May ALYoF and, of course, a photo of the complete April project, in due course.



4 thoughts on “Fun …. and frustration

  1. I just admire the work you do creating as such wonderful patterns. I am creative, but definitely not handy. Happy your setup succeeded in the end!

  2. I am sure your 63 year old is in very fine working out; you can put together HSTs! 😉 Not many young computer technicians who can do that, I bet. I harass PC World when I have computer problems. I like the way they treat my laptop as if it were a precious vintage item, which with love and care, will keep going forever.


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