This and that … and the other

Last night I plucked up the courage to attend my first quilting meeting, of the Christchurch Quilters group, and it was fun!  The evening included a short meeting, discussion on upcoming workshops and classes, show and tell, supper break, and a guest speaker, who thoroughly entertained everyone by telling us how we could all afford to buy oodles more fabric simply by reducing our electricity usage, thereby saving money to spend on fat quarters!  It’s amazing just how much electricity all those little stand-by lights consume over a year – you should have seen the pile of fabric it would be possible to buy if we unplugged our TVs, DVDs, video machines and computers, installed eco bulbs, wrapped our hot water cylinders and turned off lights when we left a room!  I actually do a lot of that anyway, but still picked up a few tips and tricks to reduce my power usage even further – not that I actually need to buy any more fabric, but, you know, saving the planet and all that … 🙂  Anyway, I really enjoyed myself and will definitely be going back for more (they have a wonderful library of books and magazines as well, which I shall examine more closely next time).

Thanks to the 4-day break over Easter I’ve made very good progress on my OBW (one block wonder) quilt, and have now sewn all the rows of blocks together and added 2 borders, the second of which is the original fabric.  Here’s a photo of what it looks like so far:

DSCF7533 cropped


Yesterday I purchased the backing fabric, so I’m ready now to make the sandwich and decide on how to quilt it …  I’ve seen one example online that has hand-stitching repeating the triangle shape inside each of the triangles in the hexagons, which looked really neat but would be quite a lot of work; however, I do have another 22 days of the month left before the ALYoF deadline for April, so maybe it’s possible …?


In the meantime I have discovered, through a WordPress post by fellow-blogger and OBW fanatic Oneblockwonderwoman (thanks, OBW²!), that there is a Facebook group called One Block Wonder Quilt Forum – imagine that, a special group just for obsessed people like me! 🙂 🙂  I’ve already learned a thing or two from the group which I shall try in my next OBW – because there definitely will be a next one 🙂

Over the Easter weekend I also managed – finally – to move and stack (and cover) the remainder of my firewood that was delivered at the end of February, so now I’m all set for the winter weather.  It’s been amazingly mild still, we even got up to 26°C over the weekend, which is pretty darn good for the beginning of April.  There are some lovely colours in the trees now, and beautiful light at the beginning and end of each day (when the weather is fine, of course); we went off daylight saving time over the weekend, so definitely heading into autumn.

Anyway, enough blogging for now:  there’s an OBW calling out to me to be finished! 🙂

PS You’d be right if you were thinking my OBW is a little bigger than “small quilt/wall hanging” size – somehow it just grew like Topsy, and is now about 4-foot square, so closer to a lap quilt than a wall hanging … *sigh* I did get a bit carried away …


10 thoughts on “This and that … and the other

  1. Looks good. I am not a quilter but I do admire quilts and the skill of the quilter. As for those power-saving tips, I reckon that, even if I disconnected from the meter, I would still somehow have a power bill. 😉

    • LOL! I remember a few years ago being away overseas for a fortnight, and I couldn’t understand when I got home why my power bill was higher while I was away than it was for the previous month when I’d been home … until I realised that although I had unplugged my electric toothbrush to take with me, the switch had been left in the on position! It certainly taught me a valuable lesson, to unplug as much as you can whenever you can 🙂

      • Indeed. I was shocked at how high my bill was in December even though I was away for most of that month. The culprits in my case were probably the electric clocks and the doorbell.

  2. Oh – the new one is going to be beautiful! I’m happy you’ve found “interest” groups and can learn new tricks 🙂 I know nothing about quilting, but I’m very good at appreciating their beauty and the craft(wo)manship that’s goes into this art form!

  3. What an excellent job on your first OBW!! I know there will be many more in your future. You really DO need more fabric, because not just any fabric will do for a OBW. I forget that you all down under are just starting your winter as we here on the Central Coast of California are celebrating spring.
    Happy quilting!

    • Thank you! Have to confess that I’m looking at fabric now in an entirely different way now – “is it suitable for OBW …?” 🙂 I do have lots of floral fabrics on hand, but most of them are shorter lengths (ie, 1-2m, or sometimes even less), so while I’d love to use some of them in an OBW, it’s not going to happen. Unless I can work out some way of doing it … 🙂


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