Lunar eclipse

Managed to get a few (amateur) photos of the lunar eclipse tonight, which was pretty exciting – unfortunately, we had quite a bit of cloud cover come over as time went on, but it was interesting noting the colour of the clouds surrounding the moon in the early stages.

Starting at 10.02pm, when the moon was still very bright and reflecting nicely on the clouds:

DSCF7385 cropped


DSCF7389 cropped


DSCF7402 cropped

11.06pm – eclipse well advanced now, more cloud around:

DSCF7455 croped


DSCF7479 cropped

After this the cloud came over and didn’t look like it was going away, so I gave up and came inside.

Pretty cool to see – you can understand why events such as this seemed pretty scary centuries ago, before it was understood what caused it.





2 thoughts on “Lunar eclipse

  1. Very nice to see your pictures! I like the little clouds around the moon earlier in the evening. I missed it as we had complete cloud cover at that time.

  2. Very cool. It was supposed to occur here at about 3 AM, and my nightly bathroom run took place at 2 AM, so I went back to sleep and missed the whole thing. They should schedule lunar eclipses during the day when I’m awake. 🙂


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