One more, just one more game!

Over the last six months or so I have become rather smitten infatuated besotted obsessed intrigued by kaleidoscope or one block wonder (OBW) quilts.  I am fascinated by the look of the intricate patterns that can evolve from judicious cutting and re-piecing of fabric slices or wedges.  Take this example which I discovered while blog surfing the other day at

Jim's OBW

And this beautiful one at caught my eye as well:

Dance of the Water Lilies

(The border fabric in each of the above examples is what the fabric actually looks like before it’s cut up and reassembled into hexagonal or octagonal shapes – isn’t it amazing how different it looks?)

Anyway, I now have two of my own OBWs under way, one started while I was holidaying in Brisbane last October, and the other started last weekend.  (I know, I know, I’m supposed to be finishing off my March ALYoF project, but sometimes the creative spirit just takes off on its own little adventure, you know?)  And so today, when I stopped in to Lincraft to pick up some quilting tape and thread (so I can work on that ALYoF project this weekend), and saw that they had 50% off their craft fabrics, well, how could I resist??  Quite right, I couldn’t!  So there will be another two OBWs in the works at some stage, and in due course I will share photos of my progress on all of them 🙂

In the meantime, though, the March ALYoF project is progressing well, and I’ve actually achieved more than my stated aim (to get it to flimsy top stage) at the beginning of the month:  the quilt is now ready for quilting, which I will start this weekend.  Whether I manage to get it completed over the next four days is a little doubtful, but you never know – I say doubtful because there’s a bit of a stumbling block in the way come Sunday, when there’s a rather important cricket match on  …  Yes, the NZ Black Caps managed to beat South Africa in a thrilling semi-final match on Tuesday (oh, what a game it was!), and last night Australia beat India in the other semi-final, which means that we get to play Australia in Melbourne this Sunday, to see who will win the 2015 Cricket World Cup.  Australia have already won the World Cup on four previous occasions, while this is New Zealand’s first time in the finals, so the odds are a little stacked against us.  However, given the way the Black Caps have played in the tournament so far (8 wins from 8 matches, including a win over Australia in the pool play leading up to the finals), I am nervously hopeful of a victory for us.  My sister in Brisbane, of course, is hoping for an Australian win:  however, we have promised that we will still talk to each other at the end of the game 🙂  Go, Black Caps, you can do it!




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