A non-quilting weekend!

Can’t quite believe it, but it looks as if there will be no quilting done by me this weekend!  I didn’t plan it this way, believe me; weekends are normally my prime quilting time, given that work occupies me Monday to Friday.  Yesterday, however, I set to on another clean out of books, and by the end of the day had managed to reduce 6 shelves (each with a double row of books) to 2!  And there are now 7 boxes of books in my car, ready to take to my Rotary friend for their annual book sale 🙂

As well as the book clean out yesterday, there was wall-to-wall sport on TV for the times when I needed a break … 🙂  Two cracker games of cricket:  South Africa vs Pakistan, and Zimbabwe vs Ireland, both games absolutely gripping and with surprise results – wins for Pakistan and Ireland.  Gotta love this World Cup!  Today the action is NZ vs Afghanistan (the game started  15 minutes ago, and Afghanistan have already lost two wickets with only six runs on the board), and Australia vs Sri Lanka, which should be interesting to watch.  Sri Lanka have been a bit hit and miss of late, while Australia have been scoring heavily, apart from their modest 151 against New Zealand last weekend in a game which – sorry, I have to say this again – they lost! 🙂

Later on this afternoon the NZ Breakers take on the Cairns Taipans in the second match of a three-match final series of the Australian National Basketball League.  The first match was in Cairns on Friday night and was won convincingly by the Breakers; the second match this afternoon is in Auckland, and if the Breakers win this one there will be no need for the third match.  If they win, this will be their 4th title in 5 years, so it won’t take much for you to guess who I’m backing! 🙂

In the meantime the Lazyboy and cricket beckon, with Henry Lee happily asleep on my lap as I type this on the laptop in front of the TV – hope your Sunday is as much fun as mine is shaping up to be! 🙂



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