My February ALYOF finish

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There were times during this month of February – being a short one as it is – when my ALYoF project stalled, and I really didn’t think I was going to get it finished by the deadline … but a stern talking to the procrastinator in me did the trick, and I actually finished it with a couple of days to spare 🙂  And I’m feeling particularly pleased with myself, as this is the first double bed-sized quilt which I have quilted on my 35-year old sewing machine, which doesn’t have a walking foot, and doesn’t have variable speed control, so there was a fair bit of manual hand-and-foot control required when it came to the quilting bit of the project!  OK, so it was only straight-line quilting, nothing fancy (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do fancy with this machine), but I still felt a great sense of achievement when the quilting was all done 🙂  Here are some photos of the finished product:

If you recall my initial post about this project, you will note that the back is much simpler than the many-pieced version I first had in mind:  time constraints (and, if I’m to be honest, some procrastination) meant a change in design at a late stage, and I’m pleased I did so.  (My original constructed backing will now possibly turn into the face of a different quilt, which I can work on at leisure and get it the way I want it, rather than trying to make it fit in with something else and not being happy with the result.)

And so, on to thinking about what I’m going to do for March … given that I’ve been very good in January and February, and actually finished off two WIPS that have been hanging around for over a year, I might treat myself to starting something new – and definitely something smaller,, to take the pressure off for a while! 🙂

And besides, there might not be much time for quilting for a week or two, because look what arrived on my doorstep a couple of days ago:

DSCF7109Yup, it’s firewood time again!  I’m hoping to be able to move and stack this (all 9 cubic metres of it) over the next couple of weeks, and have made a start already – it’s definitely not fire season yet, in fact I think there’s still a ban on fires in the Canterbury region due to the extreme dryness of the area at present, but there is a nip in the air some mornings, and autumn colours are starting to show on some of the trees, so it might not be long before I feel the need to set a fire going in the log burner.

In the meantime, today there is a mouth-watering clash ahead for cricket lovers in New Zealand and Australia, when my beloved Black Caps play Australia in Auckland this afternoon in the round-robin section of the 2015 ICC World Cup Cricket.  The New Zealand team has played three games so far in the tournament, and won all three; Australia has played one, which they won, and then their second match in Brisbane was washed out last Saturday when Cyclone Marcia hit the east coast of Australia, so they’re one game and three points behind us at the moment.  There is always a fierce rivalry between Australia and New Zealand when it comes to sport; Australia is a bit like the older brother who likes to lord it over his younger sibling, while New Zealand is like the annoying young kid who keeps nipping at your heels and is always trying to get in front 🙂  Most times we manage it in the rugby; in rugby league we have been known to spring a surprise win from time to time; but in cricket our wins over our ‘big brother’ have been few and far between.  The Australian cricketers are fearsome opponents, renowned for their big hitting, great bowling, and – sadly – their sledging; although they will deny this, and call it instead, ‘gamesmanship’.  GAMESMANSHIP???  Pah!!  Bring it on, I say, bring it on!  Go, Black Caps!! 🙂


Brendon McCullum, Black Caps captain

Black Caps


5 thoughts on “My February ALYOF finish

    • Thank you! And wasn’t that cricket game an absolute cracker?! So exciting – so stressful! But what a great result for Brendon and the boys, I’m so proud of the way they’re playing – it’s certainly a lot more fun being a Black Caps supporter of late than it has been in pas yearst! 🙂


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