Cricket and quilting: a perfect combination!

Ahhh, Saturday morning – perfect time for a lie-in …  but not today!!!  Because today sees the start of the 2015 Cricket World Cup – and even my friend Google is joining in the party 🙂

DSCF6859 cropped

And with the New Zealand Black Caps opening the tournament this morning at 11am, against Sri Lanka, right here in Christchurch, how could I possibly lie in bed on such an auspicious day?  With 49 games to watch over the next 6 weeks, I’m feeling a little like one of Pavlov’s dogs – someone has rung the bell and I’m salivating at the prospect!  Good luck to all the teams competing, but you all know who I want to win … 🙂

Black Caps


Brendon McCullum, Black Caps Captain


In the meantime, though, there is also the little matter of my February ALYOF project, which abruptly changed course yesterday when I decided not to go ahead with the pieced backing, and opted instead for a single fabric, which I may or may not divide with one or two pieced sashing strips.  The pieced backing blocks were all constructed and then sat on my sewing table for 3 nights waiting for me to start sewing them together, but it just didn’t happen …  And since there are now only two weeks left in which to get this quilt completed, I’ve opted for Plan B, which will hopefully get the project kick-started again, and I can work on it while the cricket is on 🙂  So this morning’s task, before the cricket starts, is to cut the backing, decide whether or not to include sashings (which I will need to make – they’ll be simple, given the time constraints), and then start work on basting it all together in preparation for quilting.  Which will also be simple, (a) because of the time, and (b) because I’ll attempt it on my own machine – I’ve only ever machine quilted cot-sized projects before now, so it will be a new challenge for me!

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