Decisions, decisions …

I’m trying to decide which of two projects I will ‘adopt’ as my February ALYOF project – initially decided on one, started working on it, then came across another one in the WIP pile which caught my eye, and started working on that … and now I can’t decide which one to commit to!  Here’s some photos of the first one:

DSCF6793 cropped DSCF6796 cropped

This one will need a pieced backing (in keeping with the scrap theme), and a decision on the binding, plus I need to check whether I have sufficient batting for it (it’s double bed size).

And here’s a couple of photos of the second one:

DSCF6771 cropped DSCF6775 cropped


This one has now reached the stage where I’ve sewn it all together and started big stitch quilting it by hand, only I’m not happy with what I’ve done so far, and am rethinking the quilting … It’s lap quilt size, so I guess I could just do some simple machine quilting …  I think I might let this one lie for a few days before I decide where to go with it.

So, I guess after all that discussion with I, me and myself, it looks like the first one might be my selection.  But I have a few days yet to decide, so hold your bets, folks, it may yet be neither of these … 🙂

In the meantime I have cleared out another 4 boxes of books from the back room, so good progress on that project if not on the quilting front!

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