My January ALYOF finish

ALYOF logoFinished off my January project for the ALYOF challenge last week, but only just got round to taking photos over the weekend.

This will be a donation quilt, and to me it definitely should go to a fella.  I re-purposed an old woollen blanket and used it for the batting, which has made it very heavy; hopefully it will be warm as well!  I tied it rather than trying to quilt it, due to the thickness.  Apart from the satisfaction of being able to tick it off as my January project, I’m glad to see it finished so I can now look through my other WIPs and sort out something for February 🙂  One WIP down, 17 to go!

DSCF6765 cropped   DSCF6769 cropped

I did make another quick “fun!” quilt (similar to this one) over the weekend for a colleague who’s moving to Wellington next month (and just realised I never took a photo of it before giving it to her today – duh!), and have made a little more progress on two WIPs, one of which has now reached the flimsy stage; however, neither of them has really enthused me as a February ALYOF contender, so I might have to dig a little deeper in the pile and see what I can come up with …  Or I could start something new … I’ve come across enough ideas recently in various blogs, websites, etc to make my cutting and designing fingers a little itchy 🙂

On Sunday I spent quite a few hours sorting through some of my books in the back bedroom (which has sort of turned into a junk room over the last few years, so it needs a good cleanout), and weeded out 4 banana boxes of books which I dropped off today to a friend who helps organise the annual book sale for one of the Christchurch Rotary clubs.  Several times I found myself opening up a book, reading the blurb at the beginning, flicking through a few pages and hesitating over whether to put it in the box or back on the shelf; and, yes, I did weaken from time to time …  However, a number of the books I have on my shelves were bought several years ago for the express purpose of using them for Bookcrossing, and since I no longer do that, I don’t really have a legitimate reason for holding on to them – that’s what my head was saying, anyway, although my heart was telling quite a different story 🙂  I have held on to some old favourites (Georgette Heyer, D E Stevenson, Neville Shute – you know, really old stuff!), and also all those by New Zealand authors, of which I now have quite a surprising number.  The book purge isn’t finished yet, but I did manage to clear one complete shelf (in which the books were three deep), so it was a good start.  Between books and fabric, I’d be hard pressed to say which one has consumed most of my discretionary dollars over the years! 🙂

Anyway, time to head off and watch a some of the Australian Tennis Open – Andy Murray against the young Australian, Nick Kyrgios (who might be a very promising young player, but has a bit to learn about on-court behaviour, in my opinion!):  go, Andy! 🙂





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