Giraffe hunting – Part 1

Since the earthquakes which struck Christchurch in 2010 and 2011, a number of quirky temporary installations have popped up in the empty spaces where many buildings in the central city and the suburbs have been demolished. (A report in the Christchurch Press in September 2013 noted that at that time, 984 buildings in the central city and 519 in the suburbs had already been demolished, with a further 108 full or partial demolitions still scheduled, which means a lot of empty spaces!) I’ve previously posted about some of the Gap Filler and Greening the Rubble projects, and it’s been a delight to see such ingenuity and creativity playing a part in lifting spirits and bringing a smile to people’s faces.

Recently the Stand Tall Christchurch folk came up with another public arts project which caught my eye.  Wild in Art is presenting this project, in partnership with Christchurch Casino, as part of their 26th Arts Trail and their first in New Zealand.  Businesses, community groups, charities, education establishments and individuals have sponsored the blank Giraffe sculptures – the canvases.  Artists, well-known and undiscovered, young and old, were invited to submit their designs. The best designs were selected by sponsors to feature on the Christchurch Stands Tall sculpture trail.  Forty-nine local schools were also able to sponsor and decorate their own Giraffe calf sculpture to feature on the trail, and each will be theirs to keep after the event.  Fifty Giraffes, each 2.5 metres high, are on display around Christchurch and surrounds until the end of January, forming a spectacular sculpture trail for all to enjoy.  At the end of the public art exhibition, in February, the Giraffes will be auctioned to raise money for local charities.

Recently a friend and I took the day off work to undertake a Giraffe Hunting Safari 🙂

We parked in the Botanic Gardens and spent the next three and a bit hours following a map to find and photograph some of these lovely quirky creations. We only managed to cover 15 or 16 of them, but they’re here until the end of January, so plenty of time yet to get to see the rest of the herd!

While some were a little bland and not very inspiring, others were beautifully or humourously decorated, and I would quite happily have them in my garden! 🙂

I thought I’d share with you some photos from our quest 🙂


524 cropped 525 cropped 526

534 cropped 532 cropped 531 cropped

535 cropped 536 cropped 538 cropped

540 cropped 541 cropped 542 cropped 545 cropped

554 cropped 552 cropped 556 cropped

562 cropped 561 cropped 563 cropped

564 cropped 565 cropped

568 cropped 567 cropped 566 cropped

571 cropped 572 cropped

576 cropped 578 cropped

591 cropped 593 cropped 594 cropped

600 cropped 601 cropped 603 cropped604 cropped

606 cropped 607 cropped 608

609 cropped 612 cropped 613 cropped

614 cropped  615 617


(Apologies for the absence of photos of some of the explanatory plaques, sorry!)

More photos to follow 🙂



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