Sew-sew weekend

I am a Fabric Tart. There, I’ve said it. Put me in a fabric shop, any fabric shop, and chances are I will not leave alone. Chances are I will succumb to the temptation. Chances are I will submit, oh, so willingly, to the attraction, to the pull, to the desire. Resistance is futile. The fabric pheremones call out to me, sing to me, wink at me, beckon me with their potent scent, and I go weak at the knees. (Not to mention the brain.) I fondle the pretty patterns, drool over the colours and the brightness and the charming designs, and scheme how to use them, to show them off, to take them home and make them mine, all mine. And lo and behold, suddenly I am at the counter clutching bolts of fabric, ordering two metres of this and three metres of that, and – “Oh, there’s only another metre left on the bolt, well, I may as well take it all then, yes?” – and the assistant smiles to herself, she’s thinking, “Oh, yes, we definitely have a fabric tart here, she just can’t say no”. My excuses for my behaviour vary from, “But they’re offering 30% off this weekend!”, to “I really need this fabric because I saw this beautiful quilt online the other day, and this fabric would be just perfect for me to make one just like it”, to “I’m creating a stash to use when I retire, so I need to buy it NOW”, to “I saw this other woman eyeing it up on the shelf and I knew if I didn’t grab it first, she’d buy the whole bolt and I’d miss out.”

And just to prove that I actually do use the fabric that I buy (even when it was bought so many years ago that I really have no idea when or where I bought it), here are some photos of one of my current WIPs (works in progress). I initially wanted to make a kaleidoscope quilt, but didn’t have sufficient of the feature fabric, so matched it with five other fabrics already in my stash, used an idea I saw online, and came up with this project. There’s still a bit of work to do, but I’m pleased with the progress so far.


Feature fabric …


… matched with these from my stash …

... cut out and ready to sew ...

… cut out and ready to sew …

... sewing, sewing, sewing ...

… sewing, sewing, sewing …

... and coming together nicely ...

… and coming together nicely …

It needs a border of some sort, and a backing, and then I’ll think about whether to quilt it or tie it (I’ve been doing the latter on my quilts lately, and like the simplicity of it), so there’s maybe another month’s work in it … should be done by Christmas, anyway.

So that was (partly) my sew-sew weekend: a three-day affair, given that Friday was a holiday for this part of the country, being Canterbury Anniversary Day, or Show Day as it’s more commonly called, due to it also being People’s Day at the annual Canterbury agricultural and pastoral (A&P) show. As well as working on this project I also went back to a scrap quilt I blogged about some months ago here – that one is also coming together nicely, and photos will follow in due course.

But for now, with a return to work in approximately seven hours, I need to go to bed! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Sew-sew weekend

  1. Nice to ‘see’ you back in form! And I am so with you on your reasons for buying material! Having moved lock, stock and barrel from Zimbabwe to South Africa, then another four huge moves in quick succession in S.A., and a final move to Wales ten years ago, I am now using material from my kist which was originally bought in Zim! So carry on buying for your retirement, it’s worth it! (But at least I can remember where and when I bought my material!!)

    • Thanks, Jill, nice to hear from a kindred spirit on why we buy material! I’m impressed that you retained all your material through all those moves, and that you can remember where and when you bought it! Am I right in remembering that David Whitehead was the big name in cottons from Zim? Jane and I laughed at one of the workshops at the quilt show when the instructor talked about how with some fabric in your stash you just have to take it out and stroke it every so often, because it’s almost too precious to cut up and use – we could both identify with that 🙂 All I hope is that my retirement lasts long enough to enable me to put my stash to good use! 🙂 🙂


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