Superb Saturday!

What a lovely day I’ve had today! 🙂

Started off with a lie-in, which was most welcome after some very late nights this week watching the fabulous tennis at the Australian Open.  I was listening to a fascinating interview on Radio New Zealand National, with Kim Hill (the Saturday morning programme presenter) interviewing Willard Wigan, a micro sculptor whose work is so minute it fits on the head of a pin or in the eye of a needle, and can only be viewed through a microscope.  (Do have a look at the gallery in the link above – almost unbelievable work!)   He had an incredibly hard time growing up and going to school in Britain in the 1960s, with teachers regularly dismissing him as stupid and unteachable, as well as being bullied, which caused him to escape into a sort of fantasy world where he began constructing things, eg very small houses and furniture for ants.  He left school at 15 and started work in a factory, and then persuaded a hardware store owner to allow him to sit in the store window and carve things using tools from the shop.  His reputation grew as more and more people began to commission work from him, and he’s now a very successful sculptor in high demand, and was awarded an MBE in 2007.

Spent some time in the garden after breakfast, accompanied by his lordship, who enjoyed rolling in the flowerbed as I was taking some photographs …

As I wandered alongside the creek, I noticed how the eddies in the water were breaking up the reflections and creating fascinating patterns (which my mind immediately saw as possibilities for Zentangles …) – got quite carried away taking photos of these, but here are a few to show you what I mean:

And then when I downloaded the photos this evening, I saw different shapes in the pictures – here are a few I cropped out to show you:

Do you see what I see – two different faces, a cat, and a bird?  Fascinating, isn’t it?

After my garden rounds I spent some time looking at Zentangle patterns on the internet, which provided me with lots of inspiration and encouragement – there really is some beautiful work around.  Here are my efforts from the last few days:

This afternoon and evening were spent watching the third ODI (one day international) cricket game between the Black Caps and India, and what a fantastic game it was, with India requiring two runs off the last ball to win the game, and only managing to get one run, meaning it was a tie.  The Black Caps lead the 5-match series 2-0 so far, so game 4 on Tuesday, and game 5 on Friday, will be closely-fought matches, I’m sure.

And that’s been my day, a glorious one weather-wise, filled with lots of photo opportunities, serendipitous creative discoveries in the creek, and a cracker cricket match!  Oh, and I nearly forgot, Li Na won the women’s open at the tennis this evening, which I was delighted to see – she’s a great player with a very quirky sense of humour, and her winner’s speech was a gem this evening (not to mention the fact that she doesn’t scream, grunt or screech while she’s playing, so she gets several gold stars from me for that!!)

So, time for bed – reading a lovely book at the moment called “The Lost Art of Mixing”, by Erica Bauermeister, about a lady called Lillian who runs a restaurant which has a way of drawing people together:  some nice quirky characters in it, and I like the way the characters’ lives intersect in one way or another.  Apparently the book is a sequel to another called “The School of Essential Ingredients”, so I shall look out for that one too.

G’night, everyone, I hope your Saturday is (or was) as good as mine was! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Superb Saturday!

  1. I checked out your micro sculptor – amazing what he does. And painting his works with one of his own eyelashes!! Loved your water pictures, it’s fascinating what you can see, have found your faces and bird, but no cat yet. Maybe it’s so long since I had a cat that I have forgotten their quirks. However, I can see memories of Flame Lilies in your tangle, were you aware of them?

    • The cat is in the third photo, Jill, in the bottom half of the photo, standing up and facing right at about a 45 degree angle – I can see two feet, a body with the head side-on, and then a tail reaching up and getting lost in the pattern above: can you see that now? Flame lilies … certainly remember them, but didn’t have them in mind when I was doing the tangle – do you mean the last one, with the leaves coming down the left-hand side? I can see now that they do look like flame lilies 🙂


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